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How to turn your website visitors into customers

You’ve got a great looking website. You’ve got visitors engaging with your pages. But then… they leave without making an…


SEO content: Your audience comes first

Content is king… Bill Gates first said that almost 25 years ago. Ever since, marketers all over the world have…


How to successfully transition your business to online

2020 will most likely be known to business owners as the year that changed everything. Gone are the days when…


How to leverage the power of segmentation

As every product and service will appeal to more than one type of customer, there is a lot to be…


How To Plan Your Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Recovery

With the announcement of Australia’s three-phase action plan to get the country moving again, it’s time for businesses to start…


What is good SEO?

Back in the late nineties when the Internet first started, it was easy for businesses to obtain SEO results. Set…


What you need to know before building a new website

Building a new website is a big decision. It’s not one that should be taken lightly or made on a…


Marketing to the unmarketable

The 2 pm coffee is a ritual in the Distl office. Several of us Distl crowd into the kitchen for…


Website migration gone wrong

SEO is sometimes only known for two things – dodgy link building and spammy blog posts. While this is where…


Why We’re Focussing on Digital Strategy

Quick wins are always good, but at Distl, we’re far more interested in the bigger picture. Our team is committed…


Top digital marketing trends In COVID-19

When faced with difficult times, they say you should be grateful for small mercies. Well, if there’s one thing we…


10 high impact SEO tasks you can do yourself

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider handling some of the essentials of SEO yourself. Below…


What is varnish cache and what are the benefits of using it?

2022 Update: Tired of Magento? So are we! There are so many better options now. At Distl, we no longer…


Case Study vs Blog – What’s the difference?

I was asked this question in a recent team meeting, and it made me think about what’s more important for…


Top Aussie search citations to boost your local SEO

The term ‘Local Citations’ refers to mentions of your business name, address and phone number on local directories and other…


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