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Transforming brands through the power of music and podcast advertising.

Spotify Advertising – a new wave of audio advertising.

As the most popular digital platform for music and podcasts, Spotify allows businesses to place ads in unique spaces that captivate the attention of millions of listeners worldwide.

Spotify ads offer a mix of audio and video placements with option of providing your own creative assets or using their ad production services. Audio ads are embedded in the listening experience and delivered during music or podcast sessions, capturing the attention of users when they’re most engaged. Video ads, served during breaks, compel users to watch your content while display ads offer a visual touchpoint in the listener’s Spotify interface, promoting engagement and click-through.

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Why Spotify Advertising over radio advertising?

Spotify is the most used digital audio platform in Australia with 42% of Australians using the platform weekly, and it has a greater reach than any one of the major metro radio networks.

What sets Spotify apart is its advanced audience targeting capabilities. Ads can target listeners based on a multitude of factors such as their age, gender, location, and even the music or podcasts they listen to. By analysing listening behaviours, we can help businesses deliver personalised and relevant ads, enhancing the likelihood of conversion and customer acquisition.

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Empowering your marketing campaign with Spotify’s Ad Studio analytics

Spotify’s newly created Ad Studio provides users with comprehensive reporting metrics that traditional radio advertising simply cannot match.

With Spotify, businesses can track impression count, cost per completed listen (CPCL), and click-through rate (CTR). These analytics provide a detailed insight into the ad’s performance, enabling businesses to optimise their marketing strategy with real-time data which Distl’s digital marketing specialists use to optimise the campaign over time.

So, where does Spotify fit within my marketing strategy?

A Spotify ad campaign isn’t just an alternative to radio advertising; it’s a versatile tool that can work as a standalone brand awareness strategy or seamlessly integrate into a broader marketing plan.

As a standalone strategy, Spotify’s cost-effective ad placement services enable businesses to generate substantial brand awareness amongst a global audience. The platform’s high engagement rates and broad reach make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to build their brand on a budget.

As part of an ongoing strategy, Spotify ads can complement other digital marketing activities such as paid and organic search and paid social. By integrating Spotify into your holistic marketing strategy, you can maximise your brand’s exposure across multiple channels and reach potential customers at multiple touchpoints.

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We’re a Certified Spotify Advertiser.

As a Certified Spotify Advertiser, Distl is uniquely positioned to leverage the immense benefits of Spotify advertising for your business. With over two decades of digital marketing experience, our team possesses a profound understanding of the dynamic digital landscape and the innovative strategies required to thrive within it.

Spotify FAQs

Why should I consider Spotify ads for my business?

Spotify Advertising allows you to reach a highly engaged audience in a unique and personal way. With its advanced targeting options, you can ensure your ads are heard by the right people at the right time, increasing your chances of conversions and customer acquisition.

What types of Spotify ads are available?

Spotify offers a range of ad types including audio, video, and display ads, each with their unique benefits and applications. We can help determine the best type of ad to reach your specific marketing goals.

How does audience targeting work on Spotify?

Spotify allows advertisers to target listeners based on several factors including age, gender, location, and listening habits. This allows for highly personalised and relevant ads.

How does Spotify advertising compare to traditional radio advertising?

Unlike traditional radio, Spotify provides detailed reporting metrics such as impressions, cost per completed listen, and click-through rates. These metrics give you insights into how your ads are performing, enabling better optimisation of your ad campaigns.

What is the cost of advertising on Spotify?

The cost of Spotify ads can vary based on your specific goals, the ad format, and the scope of the campaign. You can start with a minimum media spend of $500/month and scale form there once you’re ready.

Can you determine an ROI from Spotify ads?

Spotify’s Ad Studio provides comprehensive analytics that allows us to track the performance of your ads in real-time. This includes impression counts, click-through rates, and cost per completed listen.

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