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Newsflash! Anyone can cobble a website together. But a WordPress template won’t deliver a web experience that converts.
Development work with Mark building a new website for a client

Do we use WordPress?

Of course, it’s the world’s most flexible, widely used content management system, powering around 35% of all websites. Do we use WordPress templates? No, because we want your website to add tangible value to your brand and business. And because we’re not lazy.

Instead, we use our technical and design chops to make the world’s best website platform better.

Custom WordPress website design

Conversion-focused, user-friendly websites don’t happen by themselves. They happen by combining best-practice web design, development, UX, UI, CX, SEO and a whole heap of other initialisms.

In contrast, off-the-shelf WordPress templates are cheap and generally nasty. If quality, conversion rate and your brand don’t matter, they may be a good option. If not, you need to go custom.

Go custom

Custom web development

We often get new business enquiries from business owners who had a site built elsewhere: “Why is my site, which wasn’t cheap, so slow, unreliable? It’s not that old but it’s holding back my business.”

It’s the code. And that’s a terminal diagnosis because we can’t retrofit lean, fast code to a poorly planned and developed website. Great code – the kind of code that makes Google, your customers and accountant happy – is custom built from the ground up.

Getting it right takes time, but getting it wrong wastes even more.

Get it right

Game-changing interfaces

WordPress can be slow. There, we said it. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be head and shoulders above the rest when built right, and that’s why our WordPress boilerplate is built with lightweight code that acts as a platform for greatness.

In order to elevating a great WordPress platform to the next level, we’ll access our library of custom animations, subtle transitions and more. So your site wont just perform like a dream but please the most discerning of visitors. Happy users. Happy Google. Happy you.

A website is only as good as the platform it’s built on, which is why we use WordPress.

Powering over 42% of the internet, WordPress is robust, flexible and open source, meaning you can take your website anywhere. But why would you? As Perth’s WordPress specialists, our designers and developers can help you get the most from our content management system (CMS) of choice.

The power of custom WordPress development

There are loads of free WordPress templates out there. Trouble is, templates are built to be adapted for a wide range of purposes. And that calls for a lot of code. Reams of it. Flabby, unnecessary code. Not good. Google likes lean sites that load quickly.

That’s why we only build custom WordPress websites, created by our web designers and developers right here in Perth (no sneaky outsourcing here). That means you get skinny code with SEO at its core – code that Google will reward with better rankings.

Show me what you can do with WordPress


I came to these guys off the back of a complete nightmare of a new site build. They have been amazing so far in helping us to recover. All the graphs are going in the right direction and it’s hard to argue with that.

Chris Boichel
The Chart & Map Shop

Progressive web apps (or PWAs) are Google’s preferred user-focused technology, and we’re all over it. Why? Because PWAs are Google’s preferred user-focused technology.

It means Google thinks PWA mobile app/traditional website hybrids, which work online and offline, are where things are headed. They’ve even introduced PWA technology for Google search. We’re talking about (and using) technology that elevates conversations, conversions and your brand.

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Frequently asked questions

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is robust. This is a proven platform that’s tried and tested and tested…
  • WordPress is ubiquitous. It’s supported by thousands of developers around the world.
  • WordPress is open source. Some web development agencies use proprietary platforms and tie you into contracts and licences. Not us. Because WordPress is open source, you can take your site to any of the thousands of WordPress designers and developers around the world.

What about plugins?

Part of the appeal of WordPress is the 25,000+ add-ons and widgets currently available. This means almost unlimited functionality can be added to your WordPress site, now or in the future.

But beware: while plugins are usually the quickest way to add functionality to a website, it’s not always the best option. More plugins means more chance of conflicts and bugs in the code.

We believe in keeping plugins to a minimum to keep code lean and reduce the chance of bugs.

Find out more about a custom-built WordPress site

In the overcrowded online landscape, you need to stand out, and that’s what our WordPress designers and developers specialise in – sites that differentiate your brand and give you:

  • Brand-centric design and development
  • Responsive design for mobile, tablets and desktops
  • A secure, expandable, future-friendly website
  • SEO-focused development
  • An intuitive content management system
  • Hosting and email @yourdomain.com.au
  • Proven e-commerce functionality

If you’d like to find out how a well-coded site can increase trust and build your brand, come in for a no-obligation chat about your business and let’s talk.

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