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We’re a Perth branding agency with 25+ years of experience building and growing Australia’s top brands. Brand strategies. Brand identities. Graphic design. Logos. Branded content. Our team have been developing these for decades. So, tap into our experience. There’s plenty to go around.

If you’re struggling to attract and retain more ideal clients, there’s a good chance your brand doesn’t reflect your business.

By building a compelling brand identity and personality you will intrinsically attract your target audience. You’ll build an emotional connection with your ideal client, reducing the need for the hard sell.

You’ll see increased ROI from your social media, SEO and PPC.

Investing in a purpose driven brand with clear values and personality will position you as a destination employer for the right staff.

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What branding services does Distl offer?

We pride ourselves on our ability to build strong brands, that our clients will grow into, not out of. This means engineering them holistically and purposefully. We offer everything from brand strategy, messaging, mission, vision, values, copywriting, logo design, typography, colour palettes, taglines right through to brand collateral such as capability statements, stationery, websites and more.

Kate Brand Srategist at Distl

Why choose Distl over other branding agencies?

We’ve been delivering branding services from Perth across Australia since 1991, originally under the name Luminosity. When you work with us, you access decades of experience building some of the most prominent and ambitious brands. We work with everyone from start-ups to multinationals across all industries.

If you’re looking to get your brand right the first time, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll use our proven branding process developed over decades to differentiate you from your competitors and set you up for growth.

Distl’s branding process.

We’ll always start out by understanding your position, requirements and objectives. Working back from there we’ll tailor a solution that uniquely suited to you. Here’s an overview of our process and the stages we follow.

Brand strategy

We’ll start with desktop research then a workshop to discover who your brand is. What makes you tick. What you do and how you do it. We’ll deep dive into your USPs, how you should position yourself and how you should look and sound, laying the strong foundations your brand needs to be truly unstoppable.

When all this is done, we’ll deliver a brand strategy document that includes everything from brand challenges and opportunities, defined target audience, competitor landscape review, brand purpose – what you do for whom and why, brand values and associations, brand personality, tone of voice, your unique selling points (USPs) and a compelling and unique brand proposition statement. We’ll even provide some brand messages to be used across marketing touch points and collateral.

Brand naming

Whether you’re a start-up business trying to find the perfect name, or an established business who’s realised your name isn’t right due to legal, practical, or strategic reasons, we can help. Even as the pool of available names gets smaller every year our team will use the findings from your brand strategy to narrow down a range of available option for you to choose from.

Descriptive or geographic names and acronyms make it hard to build brand personality, so we’ll often look to abstract, inventive or suggestive names to develop a message that is unique and memorable and carries alignment with the brand identity.

Brand hierarchy

It’s common for businesses to come with us when they are faced with a challenge around their brand structure. Whether it’s developing or refining a ‘house of brands’ or a ‘branded house’ structure or rationalising how a product range sits within your brand, we’re able to see companies develop a logical and marketable strategy for how best to manage it.

Logo design

A good logo sets you apart. A great one sets the tone for your business, client relationships and success. Our designers will take the insights and positioning from your brand strategy and use it to craft three completely customised, perfectly on point logo concepts for you to choose from.

Colours and fonts

Delivering a cohesive, instantly identifiable brand takes more than just a logo. It’s all about brand consistency – and one of the keys is a thoughtfully chosen colour palette and font suite. Contemporary or classic. Energetic or elegant. Our designers will expertly curate a selection of colours and fonts that perfectly complement the rest of your brand identity.

Brand theming

An effective brand identity doesn’t end there. By developing theming – a rich set of supporting graphics that act as a visual uniform we’ll elevate your brand to a whole new level.  We’ll apply theming to mock-ups of collateral that are appropriate to your industry – from uniforms to expo booths and stationery to signage so you can see exactly how your brand identity will look like in the real world.

A themed brand identity acts a flexible visual language that guides your typographic and graphical presentation in a way that supports your logo in representing aspects of your brand effectively and accurately.

Brand Book

Your brand book is a usage guide for your brand. It’s a handbook for both employees and customers that combines positioning and visual identity in one branded document. It includes everything from logo, brandmark, Icons, stamps, illustrations, graphical elements, Fonts, photographic style, print applications, electronic applications and more.


Once the brand identity and brand book are established, it’s time to implement your new brand. We won’t leave anything to chance as we plan all your traditional, digital and marketing requirements. This might include your website, social media profiles, marketing materials, signage, stationery and any other branded assets.

Launch and promotion

Once your new brand has been developed and applied, it’s time for the official launch. A rebrand is one of the rare occasions when you’ll have the attention of everyone from your current and prospective clients, suppliers and anyone you’ve worked with. You’ll want to make the most of the opportunity.

We’ll work with you to plan everything from a brand launch event, press releases, social media campaigns, and other marketing activities to introduce your new brand to the world.

Monitoring and management

Branding isn’t a set-and-forget process. After the launch, we’ll monitor your brand’s performance, gathering feedback and tracking key metrics against your business goals. Based on these insights, we’ll be able to see how your brand is resonating with your audience and if necessary, make any adjustments.

It’s imperative that your brand maintains consistency and alignment over time so we can work with you to manage its effective ongoing usage.

Check out our branding work.

Adage Furniture

With a scope of service far beyond simply supplying hospitality furniture, Adage Furniture’s close-knit team works with bars, cafés and restaurants to find ways to create atmosphere – turning empty spaces into vibrant, happy places.

Biologic Environmental

As a future-thinking biodiversity company, Biologic are committed to providing comprehensive natural asset assessments for partners in mining, energy, construction, and infrastructure. Their team is passionate about inspiring a greater understanding of biodiversity's intrinsic value, and they recently launched Biologic Carbon to help businesses achieve net zero.

Mount Engineering

Mount Engineering is a diversity-led provider of project management, business analysis, and technology solutions. The company's project managers, business analysts, and engineers offer a range of outcome-based end-to-end services to successfully deliver projects and meet the specific business needs of their clients.

Seekwine Case Study Image


Seekwine is an online platform that connects wine lovers with wines they couldn’t find anywhere outside the cellar door. A family-run business with its own farming and winemaking background, Seekwine exists to champion independent, family wineries.

Creative excellence.

We plan. We create. We manage. Our comprehensive service is designed to make your life easier. Our branding, planning, production, marketing, creative, technical, offline and online services are all managed by our experienced team combining strategic thinking with high-end creative design.

Our expert team based here in Perth have worked with some of Australia’s largest brands across every possible brand touch point. We’ve built our proven branding methodology to be robust yet agile enough to meet the needs of any company or start up.

Some of the key branding services we offer include

Michelin star-worthy content creation

In a sea of vanilla content, be the double-choc, salted-caramel raspberry-ripple your audience and market can’t get enough of. Our branded content specialists will help you tell stories that build credibility and add value – marketing, intellectual and financial value – to your brand.

Crucially, a great brand starts with a brand strategy that ensures your target audience, your differentiators, your vision, values and purpose are all clearly understood. And from there, we can help build your brand story with content that your ideal clients will keep coming back for.

With the emergence of ChatGPT and AI technology, the sheer volume of online content continues to accelerate at an eye watering pace. And this is why quality content created by expert, human content creators with an understanding of brand personality and tone of voice, will win every time.

Our copywriters, photographers, videographers and designers are experienced in expressing and developing brand personality through content and photography that tells a story, educates, entertains and keep its audience engaged.

Value-adding brand identities

What’s a brand identity? It’s everything you need to instil and build value in your brand from the get-go. Name. Logo. Tagline. Messaging. Colours. Imagery. Typography. The whole shooting match. And after decades of nurturing successful brands, our proven branding process will make sure you hit all the bullseyes.

And when it’s all finished, we’ll equip you with a brand style guide to help keep your visual identity aligned for years to come.

Brand strategy – your blueprint for growth

A clear strategy is critical to the success of any strategic manoeuvre, and forming a brand is no different. A brand strategy clearly and concisely documents the essence of your brand. It also addresses important business management issues like branding architecture, and marketing consideration such as market segmentation and messaging.

Once developed, your brand strategy will be used to inform the development of your brand and all expressions of the brand from website, signage, brochures, advertising, expo stands, livery and more.

Right-first-time logo design

Invest upfront in getting your logo right first time. We bring 25+ years’ know-how into every logo design to make developing the right brandmark easy and inevitable.

And while an effective brand is more than just a logo, it doesn’t make it any less important. A logo is the face of your company and should be distinctive, memorable and capture the essence of your business in a simple statement.

Engaging graphic design

From print to digital, our experienced graphic designers are on hand to keep you on brand. Whether you’re starting from scratch with an all-important logo design or want to apply established branding over a range of applications, our graphic team creates designs that tick all the boxes.

Our experienced design team know how to elevate everything from web, social media, packaging, expo stands, capability statements, stationery, brochures and flyers to an entirely different level.

Using the best design principles – white space, typography, colour, imagery, composition combined with decades of experience, we’ll elevate your brand’s perception.

Creativity driven by your commercial needs and objectives

We know you want tangible outcomes – competitive advantage and differentiation, increased market share, improved brand awareness and consistency, a unified culture, and a reputation as an employer of choice – so we design solutions that deliver both immediate and long-term results.  We challenge your assumptions. We get to the heart of your scenario through relevant questions and frank discussion. We clarify and identify your needs as well as any issues that need to be addressed.

Perth’s finest branding experts under one roof.

We encourage our clients to see and think strategically, and that’s exactly what we do. When you deal with our team, you’ll deal with people who have built a successful business themselves and have helped many people do the same – branding specialists who are commercially minded. We are seasoned businesspeople, not rookies or salespeople.  Our holistic approach brands businesses for growth, and we develop integrated branding and marketing strategies to maximise impact and ensure long-term return on your investment. Accessing our two-decades of business and marketing experience costs you nothing but can save you a packet.

We’ll build a brand that fits your business like a glove.

When we handle your brand identity, we tailor it to your specific business needs. That means familiarising ourselves with your entire business scenario upfront through analysis and our deep-dive branding workshops.

We make sure we understand everything about your situation. Your business and industry. Your stakeholders and culture. Your target market segments. By knowing your business inside out, we’ve got all we need to problem-solve, identify key issues, clarify your needs, and develop tailored creative solutions that work.

And that means your brand will be unlike any other — uniquely built to achieve your objectives.

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The benefits of brilliant branding.

Whatever you’re doing, you already have a brand. your brand is how you speak. How you look. How your audience feels about you, right here, right now. And if yours isn’t hitting the mark, that’s where we come in. Our branding team will develop a high-level marketing strategy that perfectly conveys what makes you, you. The result? Branding that hits the target, every time.

Attract your audience.

When your brand positioning is right, your audience knows exactly who you are – and loves what you do. You talk their language. Solve their problems. Give them the warm fuzzies. They don’t need to think twice. In a crowded room, you stand out. You’re the obvious choice for your kind of people.

Cultivate your credibility.

Trustworthiness + expertise = credibility. And credibility doesn’t come from pixelated logos and off-target messaging. Your audience trusts consistency. Polish. Reliability. Those little details that make you special. And they’re all built-in features of five-star branding.

Supercharge your selling power.

Loyalty. Trust. Emotional connection. The not-so-secret ingredients that convert browsers into buyers. And these buyers are willing to pay a premium for what you’re offering. Again and again. It’s not luck. It’s the power of great branding. Add to cart.

Find – and keep – your people.

When your identity is clear, it’s clear to your team – and to the people looking to join you. Branding puts your values upfront. It builds connections. Speaks to your people. And turns employees into passionate brand ambassadors.


The awesome team at Distl have taken us on a wild rebrand journey. From branding workshops to physical refurbishment, the team have been informative, supportive and fun. Always responding quickly to any inquiries and doing everything they can to make the process smooth. Thanks team for all your help so far.

Louise Viergever
Keys Dental

Branding guided by clearly defined values you can get behind.

Our values infuse every aspect of our business, and our approach to branding is no different.

Start with empathy.Listen harder. Find the insight that unlocks value.

In branding, just like everything we do, we start by listening and understanding. In particular, during our next brand development workshops, we’ll listen intently for that special nugget that will form the nucleus of a great brand strategy.

Play the long game.Quick wins are good, but we focus on the big picture.

A well-engineered strategic brand isn’t a quick fix tactic. And while you can expect a short-term return from well-executed branding, the deep, enduring value will be seen over the life of your business and the influence on the audience.

Be an open book.Warts and wins, there’s nothing to hide.

To achieve the most effective branding outcome over the long term relies on transparent, barrierless two-way communication. By engaging regular feedback at everything step we’re able to maintain openness and ensure we’re all on the same page.

Less, but better.Keep it simple but not stupid.

Our philosophy of brand purity is driven by the pursuit of distilling the essence of a business’s value in creating a brand. In a world that swirls with complexity, competition and disinformation, we believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Push the boundaries.Go further, go deeper, explore what’s possible.

Branding isn’t a one size fits all process. If you’re serious about moving the needle you need a partner with the business acumen and specialist team to go beyond the generic.

Continuously improve.There’s always a better way. We work hard to find it.

With 20+ years and hundreds of successful branding projects under our belt, we’ve learned that no matter how good our processes are, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why at the end of each project, we’ll take time to debrief and look at what we can do better.

Branding FAQs

What is a brand identity and why is it important?

Brand identity components include everything from naming, logo, the visual language (theme) through to the verbal language and expression. After a briefing interview to define and discuss your specific needs and objectives, we’ll develop the relevant components to create a targeted identity for your business.

What exactly does branding involve?

Branding isn’t just about a logo or a tagline; it involves strategically aligning every brand touch point experience. To achieve the best result, we’ll develop a comprehensive visual and written identity that encapsulates your business values, mission, and personality, affecting all elements of your business from customer interaction to marketing strategy.

Why is branding important for my business?

Effective branding creates a unique identity, differentiating you from your competitors, building customer loyalty, and conveying your business’s ethos to your audience.

What is the process of branding?

Our process always starts with understanding your business and its values, researching your target market, creating a brand identity (including a logo, colour scheme, and tone of voice), and consistently applying this identity across all channels.

What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

Your logo is the face of your brand and is likely the most iconic and crucial element of your branding. And although in isolation it’s not your brand, its significance in shaping and influencing your brand expression should not be understated. And that’s why every brand identity we develop starts with a logo design. Our talented brand designer works with our brand strategist and creative director to interpret the creative brief insights into a meaningful, memorable brand that will positively impact your business.

How much does branding cost?

Branding costs can vary significantly based on the size of the business, the scope of the branding effort, and the specific services required. If you’re purely an online business, your requirements are much simpler than a bricks and mortar business that may need to factor in signage, uniforms and print requirements.

How long does the branding process take?

Timeframes will vary according to the complexity of the project, but branding or a brand realignment will take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

What information will you need from me?

When we commence the branding process, we’ll conduct desktop research and a workshop to capture the information we need. We’ll need to understand your history, objectives, competitors, and obstacles to growth. We’ll typically conduct an audit of your brand collateral so we can thoroughly plan out your requirements. While we’ll do most of this work ourselves, we will need your insights to build an effective strategy.

How will branding impact my business?

Effective branding will establish trust and loyalty among customers, improve engagement and staff loyalty and ultimately drive business growth.

How can I measure the success of a branding project?

Key metrics might include increased brand perception, awareness, customer loyalty, and increased sales or market share. We’ll work with you to define some goals and KPIs.

What is a brand positioning statement and why do I need one?

A brand positioning statement is an important component of your brand identity. It will clearly and concisely capture the essence of your unique value and position in the market and will encapsulate your USP(s) and target audience.

What is a unique selling proposition (USP) and how can it benefit my brand?

Understanding and defining your USP(s) will help differentiate you from your competitors and give a clear reason for your target audience to choose you over your competitors. It’s one thing to understand your USPs, but equally important is using them effectively in your marketing and message material.

What is brand equity and how can it be built?

Our definition of brand equity is value in all its forms. Commercial. Intellectual. Financial. Reputational. Even emotional. It’s what defines your brand’s worth. It’s what fuels your business’s growth and success. It’s the critical mass that builds the momentum that makes hitting your strategic goals inevitable.

How does branding impact customer loyalty?

Effective branding builds an emotional affinity between your business and your target audience. Rather than needing to convince them to buy from you, your brand will embue an intrinsic desire to be associated with and transact with you.

What are some common branding mistakes I should avoid?

The biggest mistake we see is branding that isn’t guided by a strategy. This scenario is very similar to building a house without a plan – you’ll end up with something, but it’s unlikely to meet your requirements. Second to this is when a brand is created but little thought is given to ensuring its ongoing consistency. This leads to a diluted brand that fails to cut through. If you engage Distl to manage your rebrand process, we’ll ensure you avoid these potential pitfalls.

How often should I consider rebranding?

When done right, branding can last decades before it needs updating. The more common scenario is that a brand may benefit from subtle tweaks to bring the theming or supporting elements up to date with more modern design trends. A robust brand strategy shouldn’t require updating, so the underlying foundation of your brand should remain consistent over the long term.

What is a brand audit and why might I need one?

A brand audit is a review of all of your brand application requirements and is an important stage in planning your brand launch. We’ve developed a comprehensive audit checklist to guide a review of what brand application you have but also, what gaps you may wish to fill when launching your new brand. From here, we can quote and plan each and every requirement.

What’s the role of social media in branding?

As with any brand touchpoint, it’s imperative that your social media channels maintain consistency with your branding both visual and written. By having brand guidelines and an in house brand custodian who’s responsible for maintaining alignment, you’ll be better placed to keep your brand on track. Your social media presence is also one of your best opportunities to express your brand voice in an ongoing manner.

Can a strong brand help my business in a competitive market?

This is one of the most compelling reasons for building a strong brand. Often in a hyper competitive marketing, businesses resort to competing on price or speed. When you invest in a differentiated brand, you give your target audience emotive reasons to purchase from you that are more visceral than logical.

So, how do you create a brand?

A good place to start is by developing a new website or clarifying your brand strategy. Or just get in touch with us to have a chat about how we can work together to build you an unstoppable brand.

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