You’ve got a great looking website. You’ve got visitors engaging with your pages. But then… they leave without making an enquiry or a transaction.

Too often business owners find themselves in a situation where an increase in website traffic isn’t having an effect on conversion rates, but thankfully there are many ways to overcome this hurdle.

It all starts by improving the customer journey on your website. This means strengthening your User Experience (UX), boosting site speed, providing clear calls to action and much more.

Once you have tackled the basics, you can take further steps to enhance your site and provide an experience that is more likely to lead to conversions.

Motivate Visitors with Discount Codes

Think of a discount code as dangling a carrot in front of your website visitors. It’s all about providing a desirable incentive to spark their interest and motivate them to take certain actions.

From free shipping and consultations through to slashing prices by a set percentage, there are all sorts of discount codes that you can apply to your site to encourage form submissions and cart completions.

You can even up the ante by making the discount code available for a limited time. It will entice your visitors to act by driving classic ‘fear of missing out’ thinking.

While discount codes are an effective way to attract new customers, you could also use the tactic to grow your email list and social media followings.

For instance, website visitors may only be able to access the discount code by subscribing to your e-newsletter or engaging with your social media.

Once you have connected your visitors to your other channels, you can then provide additional incentives to foster their loyalty.

Craft Compelling Copy

When describing your products and services, you need to do more than provide a basic explanation. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and provide them with details that will connect with their emotions and desires.

For example, let’s say you’re looking online for an artisan dip to pair with your cheeseboard. One website may provide you with a list of ingredients, the source of the product, nutritional values and more.

All of this is helpful information, but if another website also gives you a tantalising description of the dip and its unique flavours, while explaining the many ways it can be used in different recipes, you will be inclined to select this product over its competitor.

No matter what you’re offering online, the same logic applies. By using expressive copy to tell your visitors about the benefits of your product or service, and not just the features, you will be far more likely to capture their interest.

Provide Real-Time Service via Live Chat

Many customers choose to shop online as it allows them to browse at any time of the day or night from the comfort of home.

While they are seeking convenience and efficiency from the online shopping experience, it can also be difficult to ask questions and get the information they need to be able to make the right purchase.

Live web chat is a great way to bridge the gap between your website and brick and mortar presence. It allows you to provide real-time service online so that you can help your customers overcome any barriers to making a transaction.

A few years ago, a report from web chat provider LivePerson identified that 83% of consumers need some type of support when they are making an online transaction. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic changing the way customers behave online, it’s safe to assume these statistics have only grown since.

Showcase Customer Reviews & Feedback

Studies have shown that 90% of consumers read online reviews before engaging with a business (Invesp).

By showcasing reviews on your website, you are providing a non-biased opinion of your offering that will substantiate your content messaging and build trust with prospective customers.

You can install a widget on your site that will automatically feed through Google Review and Product Review information. Alternatively, you can create a testimonial feature on your website where you can manually upload feedback when it comes through via other channels such as email.

Generating reviews is a great way to further engage with your customers and you can even use incentives to encourage them to provide you with feedback.

Understand What Your Customers Want

There are many useful resources that can analyse how website visitors are interacting with your website.

Heat mapping is one of the easiest ways to understand user behaviours by identifying what they are clicking on, how far they are scrolling and much more.

Armed with data from heat mapping, you will be able to review your website pages and tailor the experience to what your customers want.

From deciding what information should appear on what part of a web page to the placement and design of enquiry forms, you can improve your website and optimise it for conversions.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Turning website traffic into conversions isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s all about testing out varying strategies to determine what works best for your website and its visitors.

If you’re looking for expert advice and assistance, get in touch with our team today. We can help you find the most effective ways to improve your UX, your conversion rates and much more, depending on what your business is looking to achieve.

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