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We’ve found the recipe for building unstoppable brands. Your logo is not your brand identity. Your logo is not your brand identity. Your logo is not…

After 25+ years in the business, our Perth branding team knows just what goes into the best brand identities.

And while your path to brand and business success might start with a logo, that’s only one of the ingredients in your brand identity (or branding).

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Memorable, evocative and authentic, the right name is a powerful weapon in your corporate identity arsenal, helping you attract your target audience, stand out from the crowd and stick in people’s minds.


Working hand in hand with your business name, a tagline tells your audience more about your business’ values, culture and purpose. Quirky or solemn, irreverant or sincere, your tagline signposts who you are – so your people can find you.


Credibility. Increased brand recognition. Elevated public perception. The foundation of your business’ visual identity, a strategically designed logo packs a punch for your business.


Successful brand identities create harmony in every aspect of their visuals. Get it right and each shape, photograph, illustration and other graphic element works together for a seamless brand experience.

Colour palette

Vivid or muted, warm or cool, every colour sets a unique mood. One of the first things customers associate with your brand, your colour palette increases brand recognition and helps build an emotional connection.


Tell your audience about your business before they read a single word. Whether you’re using a bold sans serif or a subtle typeface with elegant gliphs, the typography you use speaks volumes about your brand.

Tone of voice

How your brand sounds is just as important as how it looks. Are you reassuring or inspiring? Cheeky or calm? The best way to speak your audience’s language is with a refined, targeted tone of voice.

A perfectly executed brand identity means a positive brand image.

Your brand identity is how you define your brand. It’s a strategic method of telling your audience who you are, what you stand for and what you offer. Your brand image is another story. It’s the genuine public perception of your business, based on customer impressions and experiences with your brand. When your brand identity is done right, your brand image will align. What people think of you will match what you say about yourself. Get those ducks in a row, and you’ll have greater differentiation, stronger audience connections and deeper trust.

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Get your brand identity right first time.

There’s a reason the world’s most successful brands invest significantly and repeatedly in their brand identities – great branding works. It provides an exponential return on investment.

Maximising that ROI calls for experience. The good news is, we can use the expertise we’ve built in our 30+ years in the business to guide you through the branding process (and the marketing process, where you harness the power of your branding) to a unique brand identity that does the business for your business.

Discover how we’ll develop a brand identity that not only supports, but actively drives your strategy and success, enabling you to maximise awareness, value perception and your bottom line.

Supercharge your branding


Distl has done a re-brand for Adage Furniture, the outcome of this has well exceeded what any of our team ever thought was possible!

Elton Fawkes
Adage Furniture

Our branding work.

Adage Furniture

With a scope of service far beyond simply supplying hospitality furniture, Adage Furniture’s close-knit team works with bars, cafés and restaurants to find ways to create atmosphere – turning empty spaces into vibrant, happy places.

Biologic Environmental

As a future-thinking biodiversity company, Biologic are committed to providing comprehensive natural asset assessments for partners in mining, energy, construction, and infrastructure. Their team is passionate about inspiring a greater understanding of biodiversity's intrinsic value, and they recently launched Biologic Carbon to help businesses achieve net zero.

Beautiful aerial view of Perth's beach coastline, Western Australia.

Davey Real Estate

Davey Real Estate is synonymous with the northern beach properties of Perth. The company takes pride in its distinct approach to buying, selling, and managing properties and has built a reputation for providing exceptional experiences to its clients.

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No more missed opportunities. No shoehorning, railroading or using a jack hammer to crack a walnut. No more wasted branding, web or marketing dollars.

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