Situated in Fremantle, The Chart & Map Shop stands out as a distinctive small business. Maps, nautical charts, books, globes, flags, and a variety of unique gifts, this establishment operates both a physical storefront and a thriving business-to-consumer eCommerce platform. What sets The Chart and Map Shop apart is their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences and top-notch service.

A new path for a new world

When Chris initially reached out to our team in 2020, he expressed his concerns regarding the state of his business. Having worked with another agency in Perth for three years to develop a Magento eCommerce website, Chris experienced difficulties during the migration process, which led to a decline in SEO rankings and ineffective Google Ads campaigns. 

Our client was understandably disheartened by these setbacks, and felt a sense of disappointment and uncertainty. Chris understood without prompt and positive changes, there were more challenges awaiting him soon. 

Shopify website  

Our journey began with a website development and migration project, transitioning from Magento to Shopify. Our main objective was to completely revamp The Chart & Map Shop’s product catalogue while seamlessly integrating the website with the new retail express POS system. This integration marked a significant milestone as it enabled the synchronisation of inventory with online orders for the very first time, revolutionising the entire operation.

The adoption of the Shopify eCommerce platform brought numerous benefits to The Chart & Map Shop, including enhanced usability, improved functionality, and user-friendly features. Visitors to the new website now enjoy a seamless browsing experience, resulting in increased conversions and a higher rate of paying customers. 


Our SEO specialists invested significant effort into executing a comprehensive site migration and enhancing the new site’s SEO performance. Although the website’s rankings on search engines like Google had been negatively affected by previous practices, our team adopted a White Hat approach to rectify the situation and improve the site’s visibility.

Post web-launch, we diligently resolved 404 errors, ensuring a smooth user experience and better indexing by search engines. We implemented various optimisation strategies, including fine-tuning collection meta descriptions, reducing page load times, and minifying source code to improve the site’s overall performance. By optimising image sizes, we further enhanced the website’s loading speed and user-friendliness.  

Our efforts were backed by thorough keyword research and search forecasts, allowing us to strategically prioritise focus-products based on their profitability and conversion rates. The integration of Shopify with GA4 also enabled comprehensive tracking and analysis of user behaviour and site performance. These efforts elevated search engine rankings, leading to sustainable growth and increased organic traffic for our client.


When comparing the first two quarters of 2023 to the same period in 2022, we achieved an impressive 37% increase in sales, resulting in an additional 1,121 sales. Furthermore, our conversion rate improved by 23.76%.

Despite the challenges posed by a 26% rise in the Cost Per Conversion (CPC), the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) managed to maintain a strong figure of 3.58. This achievement indicates a sensible approach to scaling the spend while effectively maintaining profitability. Although the CPC rise impacted the overall ROAS growth, the strategy remained effective, resulting in a 3% improvement.  

Organic social media

We are thrilled to be embarking on an exciting journey with The Chart & Map Shop, focusing on empowering their organic social media efforts. Through our collaboration, we have begun providing guidance and support to help them curate engaging content. A significant milestone was achieved during our recent content day, where we captured photos and reels for their socials.

The impact of our efforts is already evident, as customers have directly approached Chris, the owner, expressing their desire to purchase specific products they discovered through the shop’s social media channels. 

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