GESHA Coffee Co.

GESHA Coffee Co. is much-loved Western Australian coffee brand and beloved local eatery in the port city of Fremantle. Established in 2014, the business is dedicated to roasting exceptional specialty coffee beans from the finest origins around the world. The business has seen consistent growth since its founding, expanding to add a purpose-built roasting facility in Bibra Lake.

Building equity in the digital space

With the rise of online ordering and delivery, having a strong digital footprint became more important than ever before for GESHA Coffee Co. It was Distl’s task to work with their team to best leverage their digital presence by promoting both their products and services in an innovative and sustainable way.

Integrated marketing campaign

The specialty coffee roasters offer a range of coffee machines to corporate workplaces and offices throughout Perth, providing businesses with high-quality coffee solutions. These machines are available to rent at an affordable price and can even be paid for weekly.

GESHA recognised the significance of generating leads for their coffee machine rental service and approached us to assist in building brand awareness and promoting this offering through an integrated marketing campaign.

SMM & PPC drive impressive results

By deploying the combined channels of SMM and PPC, we were able to effectively raise awareness levels for GESHA’s coffee machine rental service to businesses throughout Perth.

Despite the niche nature of the service offering and the short duration of the campaign, we were able to achieve impressive results. It delivered more than 308,000 impressions and reached more than 94,000 prospects, converting to 80 qualified leads at a cost effective spend level. PPC also delivered a remarkable 6.97% CTR, and 7.95% conversion rate.

eCommerce campaign boosts coffee bean sales

To further boost roasted bean sales, Distl also developed a sustainable eCommerce SMM campaign aimed at generating a consistent monthly return on investment (ROI). Six ad sets were created for this campaign and put to market, delivering more than 146,000 impressions for an effective reach of 56,600 people at a low overall spend.

Launch of cold brew takes Gesha to forefront

To really get the GESHA name up in lights… an innovative cold brew product was launched to market with Distl coordinating a commercial photoshoot, creating campaign visuals and creative campaign execution across social media channels. More than 300,000 impressions were delivered for a reach total of 111,000 people, getting the new product front and centre across Perth’s coffee scene.

B2B campaign expands distribution channels

By leveraging the power of targeted marketing and B2B partnerships, GESHA was able to effectively grow their business and strengthen their position in the market. To expand their distribution channels, GESHA launched a 30-day B2B campaign that targeted potential local cold brew stockists. By marketing their cold brew product and highlighting its unique features and high-quality taste, GESHA was able to attract eight new local stockists.

Custom eCommerce website

Distl’s partnership with GESHA has reached another milestone, as they engaged Distl to build and design a custom e-commerce website.

With Distl’s expertise in creating powerful eCommerce platforms, GESHA is poised to take their digital presence to the next level, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for their customers, and expanding their reach and market share in the process. This investment in digital infrastructure is a clear indication of their forward-thinking approach to business, and of Distl’s unwavering dedication to building an unstoppable brand.

We are excited to see the impact that the new eCommerce website will have, and are proud to have been a part of this transformative project from start to finish.

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