Scotford Fennessy

Scotford Fennessy is a prominent recruitment firm in Perth with expertise in various industries, such as mining, resources, construction, engineering, finance, legal, and corporate sectors. They work closely with businesses in WA to identify the right people, for the right roles. Their comprehensive recruitment services include executive search, permanent placements, contractor workforce assistance, payroll, and consulting.

Unlocking the power of full-service marketing

Scotford Fennessy has been a longstanding client of Distl, collaborating with us for ongoing digital marketing services, including SEO and SMM. Throughout the years, we have developed a strong relationship with the Scotford Fennessy team, working on various brand and communication projects to create a captivating and consistent tone of voice.

Scotford Fennessy readily adopted our team’s expert recommendation for the fresh design and development of a new website, coupled with a strategic videography campaign, aimed at achieving optimal brand elevation and visual storytelling.


Scotford Fennessy sought the expertise of Distl when their brand messaging and website presence were lackluster and not achieving desired results. With unclear goals and an inconsistent tone of voice, they needed a comprehensive overhaul to boost their online identity.

Distl was brought on board to spearhead the following objectives:

  • Establish a consistent brand messaging and communication plan that resonated with the target audience.
  • Deliver an exceptional online user experience across all devices for seamless job searches.
  • Promote job openings across multiple pages to expand reach and exposure.
  • Develop a robust SEO platform to increase search engine rankings and visibility.
  • Design and build a user-friendly content management system that made updates and management a breeze.

Crafting a cohesive voice

Distl and Scotford Fennessy have teamed up on numerous projects over the years, one of which was a comprehensive copy and messaging workshop that resulted in the development of new messaging and values. The workshop enabled us to craft a new tone of voice that effectively conveyed the key messages Scotford Fennessy wished to impart to their clients. The newly developed voice exuded professionalism, approachability, and, most importantly, consistency in stark contrast to their previous messaging.


Our latest project involved partnering with Limitless Studios to produce a corporate video for Scotford Fennessy. The aim was to create compelling content for use on the new website’s home page and for future social media brand awareness campaigns.

The multifaceted aspects of this project comprised:

  • Expert copywriting and video script development.
  • Storyboarding and shot list creation.
  • Art direction.
  • Onsite video production in collaboration with the Limitless Studio team.
  • Thorough post-production editing.

Digital marketing

Due to the client’s recognition and value of continual investment in their digital marketing, we established a retainer-based partnership that encompassed SEO and paid media projects. The SEO campaign comprised a combination of onsite and offsite optimisation, which entailed optimising website functionality and producing high-quality blog articles.

Moreover, we executed a series of highly successful paid campaigns to promote various job openings across Facebook and LinkedIn. Specific roles that yielded excellent results through the campaign include:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Dump Truck Operator
  • Mobilisation Administrator
  • Blast Hole Driller
  • Underground Electrician
  • Recruitment Consultant

The jewel in the crown

The recently developed website was the shining gem in the digital marketing and branding repertoire for the client. By revitalising the brand, prioritising a favourable user experience, and impeccably incorporating the appropriate tone of voice, we accomplished the client’s requirements, addressed pain points, and achieved their intended goals.

The most crucial aspect of this project was the job board. The client’s previous website received minimal traffic. For a recruitment company, an online job board is a crucial component of their business that must attract and facilitate candidate applications.

Our team worked diligently to create a page that was both functional and visually appealing. Since the relaunch, it remains the most highly performing page on the website (other than the homepage).

By leveraging the unique functionality integration offered by JobAdder, a third-party recruitment system that we researched and implemented, the job board seamlessly integrates with their recruitment system, allowing for a streamlined and efficient candidate application process.


518 % job board page views
370 % unique page views
49 % goal completions
87 % goal conversion rate

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