Mega Music

Mega Music are WA’s premier musical instrument shop, specialising in a comprehensive range of products, including guitars, drums, keyboards, music production equipment, live sound systems, and stage lighting. Established in 2001, Mega Music initially operated from a flagship store in Myaree, which expanded to a second outlet in Wangara and an online presence.

The problem

Mega Music approached Distl in 2023 with concerns about their cluttered and slow website, which struggled to handle their extensive inventory of 46,000 online products. Frequent crashes resulted in a loss of sales, highlighting the critical role of their online platform, which represented a significant portion of their monthly revenue.

New eCommerce website

Mega Music required a new website that would minimise downtime and enable them to capitalise on sales opportunities more effectively. The goal was to develop a new WordPress eCommerce website prioritising exceptional user experience (UX) and seamless self-management for the client.

Recognising the significance of scalability, we focused on ensuring the website efficiently handled its extensive product catalogue while also being easily manageable by Mega Music’s team on a day-to-day basis.

Features, functionality & integrations

The new website is loaded with features designed specifically for Mega Music. Seamless integration of ZipPay and Zip Money make payments a breeze for their online customers. Sybiz Vision integration ensures accurate product listings, while Stock Sync keeps inventory updated in real-time. Additionally, the “frequently bought together” feature prompts customers to add more to their carts.

Other features included:

  • Pre-loved products integration
  • Backorder and pre-order integration
  • Klaviyo for forms
  • Smart search functionality
  • Gift Voucher
  • Product quick-view
  • Promotional marketing pop-up


In line with Mega Music’s vision, the website adopts a minimalist design approach with clean layouts and ample white space. High-quality imagery and intuitive navigation draw attention to products, enhancing the overall UX. With simplicity and clarity, the design promotes a sense of openness, aligning with their brand identity.

Throughout the design process, we collaborated closely with Mega Music’s team to ensure their vision was realised. By incorporating their feedback and addressing feedback, we delivered a website that exceeded their expectations.


The successful collaboration between Mega Music and Distl resulted in a website that not only addresses their initial challenges but also positions Mega Music for future growth. With improved functionality, enhanced UX, and a sleek design, the new website sets the stage for continued success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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