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Cuisine Hub partners with purpose-led hospitality experts and commercial kitchen operators to enable passionate and ambitious home cooks, bakers and chefs to realise their dream of building a thriving food business by reducing the barriers to entry and minimising risk.

A brand development project with heart

Pauline approached Distl to help develop the brand of her new start-up business, Cuisine Hub. As a passionate foodie and advocate of home cooks, Pauline wanted to create a brand that was warm, playful and differentiated.

The brand identity needed to position Cuisine Hub as a supportive, passionate and community-focused hospitality start-up specialist that cares deeply about talented cooks and bakers pursuing their dreams and prospering.

The brand strategy process explored what was unique about Cuisine Hub, what competitor offerings were in market, what the brand opportunities and challenges were and what the ideal customer looks like. The final strategy provided Cuisine Hub a brand platform and brand positioning roadmap that enabled our design team to create an aligned and compelling brand identity.

Beautifully designed concepts made the brand decision a hard one

When clients engage us for brand development, our senior designer, Katja Lambert, designs three brand identity concepts for the client to choose from. Sometimes clients choose one right away and sometimes they find it hard to make a decision as they love more than one concept. In the case of Cuisine Hub, the decision wasn’t easy as each concept was unique and compelling.

Concept one “Local Cuisine”

The ‘Local Cuisine’ brand logo embodies embracing local flavours with a bespoke sans-serif logotype, adding authenticity and character. The modern brandmark and logotype lockup enhances approachability and friendliness with the brand. This fusion yields a contemporary, inviting design, paying homage to local cuisine. A vibrant, fresh colour palette captures the essence and promises a visually pleasing representation of diverse local flavours.

Concept two “Playful Hub”

The ‘Playful Hub’ brand logo encapsulates a youthful and playful take on a cuisine hub, infused with vibrant energy and creativity. A playful script tagline complements the brand’s essence, and modern graphical devices add a contemporary, eye-catching appeal.

The lively, exuberant colour palette enhances the sense of fun and excitement. This culminates in a fresh, modern design that embodies the spirit of a playful business, ensuring an engaging and delightful experience for all.

Concept three “Bento Box”

After careful deliberation, this concept was chosen by the client. The ‘Bento Box’ brand logo embodies a culinary fusion concept where diverse cuisines harmonise. The sleek, modern logotype encapsulates the brand’s essence. A structured graphical device reflects the organised and multifaceted culinary offerings. This theme extends to other branding elements, creating a cohesive identity. The gender-neutral, fresh colour palette adds approachability, symbolising a culinary adventure and inclusivity.

Creating a start-up business with confidence

When Pauline approached us she had a very clear idea in her head about what she wanted to create for the Perth food community. Some of her service offerings were still in development, being a start-up. She was excited about embarking on the brand development process and the opportunity that is awaiting in market.

As Cuisine Hub were a start-up, they were on a budget and didn’t need a full custom website. A landing page which housed all the key content about their business was the perfect solution.

The client was absolutely thrilled with the outcome of both the brand design, marketing collateral and website design and development. Pauline is now on her way to building and growing her business.



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