DiskBank has been a trusted partner in CD, DVD, and Blu-ray duplication and replication since 1995, with their most sought-after service being the conversion of film to digital formats.

Tackling page cannibalisation

Prior to working with DiskBank, they had multiple pages covering the same topic, leading to significant page cannibalisation – this is where multiple website pages fight for the same keywords or topics, potentially causing reduced search rankings and visibility.

This stemmed from a previous approach where they focused on having more content on the site in hope to improve SEO, but it ultimately made the user experience (UX) confusing. Google’s priorities have shifted over time, placing greater importance on factors like authority and UX, rather than simply bulk content.

Onsite optimisation

To address the issue of page cannibalisation, our SEO team went through the following process for each of their transfers pages:

  • Page consolidation: Our first step was to investigate and identify which pages could safely be merged.
  • Keyword research: We renewed keyword research around each media format to ensure that the content aligned with current search trends and user intent.
  • Content revision: We drafted new copy, eliminating duplicate content resulting from page merges, and created fresh, keyword-optimised content based on our research.

Once the revised content was approved, we went live with the updated pages and implemented necessary link redirects to ensure a seamless transition for users.

Keyword ranking results

When reviewing results from June to August 2023, we have seen the following keyword ranking improvements year on year:

  • “16m film to DVD” moved from 4th position to 1st
  • “Video transfers” surged from 19th position to 5th
  • “Film to digital” moved from 5th to 2nd
  • “8mm to DVD” moved from 8th to 2nd

Ongoing approach to SEO

Our ongoing SEO strategy for DiskBank has evolved over time through quarterly reviews. We’ve introduced engaging blog content, FAQs for better UX, improved website forms, and optimised their Google Business Profile for local search visibility. We’ve also placed a strong emphasis on building high-quality backlinks to enhance offsite authority.


What sets Distl apart is how they take the time to educate their clients. They patiently explain all the SEO intricacies in a way that we can grasp – no question is too silly. Thanks to the SEO strategy that Distl has implemented, we have seen increased organic traffic and higher search engine rankings. Distl’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and their responsiveness in addressing our needs make them an invaluable partner in our success. We recommend Distl to anyone seeking digital marketing services.

Aidan Sorci – Manager



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