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Taking out a home loan should be an easy process, but it can quickly become stressful if you don’t have the right person looking after you. At Loan Monster, they go out of their way to keep things hassle-free. They’re a local team of easy-going brokers who tell it like it is — no fluff, no frills, just practical advice.

The mortgage broker that’s got your back

While they know how to simplify the financial world for their clients, Loan Monster’s website wasn’t providing the same experience. The team came to Distl to develop a new site, looking to refresh the design, restructure their content and improve their SEO.

User Experience

There are now many ways users can get in touch with Loan Monster to find out more information. Every page includes clear call to action buttons with varying contact methods. Users can click to call, submit an online enquiry, complete a detailed 3-step form, send an email or engage with the live chat feature, depending on their preference.

Built using the latest technology, the Loan Monster site loads in less than a blink of an eye with a 99% speed test score. Fast page load times are ideal for building a strong User Experience and contribute toward boosting SEO rankings.


As Loan Monster face a lot of competition from fellow mortgage brokers as well as banks, it was important to create content that would differentiate them. We crafted a casual and conversational tone of voice that explains financial concepts in a way that’s easy to understand.

Throughout the site, we have communicated the unique benefits of working with Loan Monster, demonstrating how they take good care of their clients.

The old Loan Monster site was filled with reams of content, but the blog feature was difficult to access and navigate.

We have created a clean and modern blog layout with categorised tabs and an open search field to help users find the information they need.


We chose Distl after considering a few different digital companies. We have not been disappointed by their efforts so far. Katie and David helped us with our digital options, and were able to explain everything clearly and professionally. Their willingness to travel to our office to meet with us made life so much easier for us.

Scott Thornton – Director
Loan Monster



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