Adage Furniture

With a scope of service far beyond simply supplying hospitality furniture, Adage Furniture’s close-knit team works with bars, cafés and restaurants to find ways to create atmosphere – turning empty spaces into vibrant, happy places.

Same passionate people. Same great service. Seasoned with a bold new flavour.

When we first met the Adage Furniture and Core Hospitality Furniture team, they were managing the challenge of having two companies with two different names in two different locations (Perth and Melbourne) that were working together to provide the same service. What really set them apart from other suppliers was the passion of their close-knit team, but as they were, their brands did not express the personality of their team or their approach to their work.

Together, they approached Distl to help them establish one united brand that would communicate who they are and what they love to do.

Following some strategic planning, it was decided that it would be best to move forward as Adage Furniture. With the name locked in, our brand and design team developed a new brand identity that was rolled out across a range of collateral, we designed and built them a new website, and our marketing team developed a communications strategy to reduce market confusion and help launch the new brand.


As part of the rebrand, we developed an updated colour palette, with a softer shade of green to convey Adage Furniture’s warmth, happiness and easy-going approach. As there had been multiple interpretations around the pronunciation of the word ‘Adage’, we added an accent above the second letter ‘a’ for clarification.

Our copywriters created the tagline ‘Zero Unhappy’ to describe the experience Adage Furniture provides and the brand’s commitment to ensuring they exceed the expectations of their clients. We also crafted a fun and energetic tone of voice, injecting hospitality related terms into key headlines, including ‘What’s on the menu?’ to introduce their product catalogue.


As one of the main objectives was to reduce marketplace confusion, it was important to ensure Adage Furniture clearly communicated the rebrand to its Perth and Melbourne audiences respectively. To help them launch the new brand, we developed a communications strategy that included the use of blog content, social media and email marketing.


Since launching the Adage Furniture brand and website, we’ve continued to work together on SEO and PPC, running search, display and remarketing campaigns. With PPC, our initial objective was to improve Adage Furniture’s existing Google ads account performance by increasing their enquiries, especially for high value projects.

Over time we have continually optimised their campaigns based on what we’ve learned, seeing a positive trajectory in conversions and a reduction in the cost per conversion.

55.36 % increasein conversions
25.79 % decreasein cost per conversion


Distl has done a re-brand for Adage Furniture, and the outcome of this has well exceeded what any of our team ever thought was possible!

Elton Fawkes – Marketing & HR Director
Adage Furniture

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