Mount Engineering

Mount Engineering is a diversity-led provider of project management, business analysis, and technology solutions. The company's project managers, business analysts, and engineers offer a range of outcome-based end-to-end services to successfully deliver projects and meet the specific business needs of their clients.

Engineering a new brand

Mount Engineering approached Distl with an exciting challenge: to revitalise their brand while maintaining their reputation for exceptional, customer-focused technological solutions. Our team was immediately inspired by the company’s commitment to diversity and empowerment.

We approached the project with a comprehensive branding suite, developing new messaging and designing prominent collateral, as well as overhauling the website from top to bottom.

Additionally, our team had the opportunity to develop a professional LinkedIn strategy for advertising and marketing purposes that aligned perfectly with Mount Engineering’s new brand and website.

Building a foundation for future growth

Mount Engineering’s rebrand represented a significant realignment of the company, with the goal of developing and enhancing their overall messaging across all materials.

Their specific objectives included:

  • Conveying a positive message of trustworthiness and reliability.
  • Highlighting their focus on innovation and offering familiar yet fresh project propositions.
  • Ensuring confidence in the quality and potential of their core service offering.
  • Maintaining brand consistency across marketing campaigns, messaging, and communications.
  • Fostering internal pride in the brand and strengthening the brand culture.
  • Enhancing the attractiveness of their employer brand to appeal to potential employees.


Working collaboratively with Mount Engineering, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy that effectively captured their values and mission. Through a series of branding workshops and extensive research, we crafted messaging and theming that communicated the company’s expertise, commitment to quality, and innovative spirit.

By taking a research-driven approach, we were able to create a brand identity that accurately represented Mount Engineering’s unique strengths and offerings, and clearly conveyed their value proposition to their target audience.


Our work with Mount Engineering’s LinkedIn presence began with a comprehensive analysis to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Drawing from our findings, we crafted a custom approach that optimised the platform’s potential to amplify their brand and establish thought leadership in the engineering industry.

Our approach proved highly effective in reaching new audiences and engaging with existing followers.

Throughout the project, we maintained close collaboration with the client, offering ongoing support and guidance and equipping them with the tools necessary to become LinkedIn experts.


Our collaborative approach was key to the success of this project. By maintaining clear and effective communication with the client, we were able to develop a strong and trusting working relationship that enabled us to understand their needs and goals. This allowed the client to feel confident in accepting our recommendations and empowered us to deliver a truly exceptional result.

Key Achievements

  • An all-new professional brand.
  • A pitch-perfect new tone of voice.
  • Clear brand direction and guidelines for further growth.
  • A new website with applied branding.



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