Seekwine is an online platform that connects wine lovers with wines they couldn’t find anywhere outside the cellar door. A family-run business with its own farming and winemaking background, Seekwine exists to champion independent, family wineries.
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Raising a toast to independent wineries

When Kevin Sorgiovanni and his daughter, Juliette, established Seekwine in 2001, their mission was to provide small, independent wineries with a retail footprint beyond their cellar doors. With a family winery themselves, the Sorgiovannis understood the benefits to both the consumer and producer that the Seekwine platform would offer.

Despite its strong conceptual foundations, when Seekwine reached out to Distl, the platform wasn’t reaching its potential. There was a lack of brand awareness among consumers and confusion from partner wineries about the value Seekwine could offer them. Marketing efforts were creating the incorrect impression that Seekwine was a low-price sales platform, and the site wasn’t ranking.

We worked with Seekwine to develop a bright, contemporary new brand identity, pitch perfect tone of voice and copy, and a sleek new website built on a bedrock of solid SEO. The result is an identity and online presence that’s built to scale — trustworthy and modern without losing its earthy, independent roots.


We started by guiding Seekwine through our brand discovery and personality workshops, where we uncovered and reinforced the foundations of their brand. After defining the business’ goals, unique selling proposition, audience, and challenges, we constructed a strong and unique brand personality.

Our designers then developed a completely new brand identity for the business. With a new logo, colour palette, theming, and with expertly curated photography, Seekwine now has a brand identity that is built to stand out — and stand the test of time.


Drawing on the brand personality created in the discovery and personality workshops, our copywriters developed a tone of voice that’s warm, respectful, and bursting with charm. With the tone established, we crafted copy for the new Seekwine website and developed brand voice guidelines to ensure that their new voice is consistently applied throughout all future messaging.


Our digital marketing team ran an inception meeting to strengthen their understanding of Seekwine’s ecommerce and business goals. From there, the team developed SEO foundations for the new website, including SEO-informed wireframes, keyword recommendations for ranking optimisation, and an alignment of meta titles and descriptions with recommended keywords.

After the site launched, we carefully optimised Seekwine’s Google Business Profile. The team produced content and developed a posting schedule to create a comprehensive Google presence for potential customers and partner wineries to engage with.


Distl were extremely professional in the redevelopment of an aging website whilst maintaining the fundamental performance of the initial online sales platform. Seekwine was extremely pleased with Distl’s team and attention to detail. The Seekwine site now is faster, brighter and better than ever.

Kevin Sorgiovanni — Managing Director


After the success of their rebrand and website development, we’ve built a strong relationship with Seekwine and work closely with the team to develop ongoing branded collateral and maintain their digital marketing. Now that’s something to raise a glass to.



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