Biologic Environmental

As a future-thinking biodiversity company, Biologic are committed to providing comprehensive natural asset assessments for partners in mining, energy, construction, and infrastructure. Their team is passionate about inspiring a greater understanding of biodiversity's intrinsic value, and they recently launched Biologic Carbon to help businesses achieve net zero.

The project

As Biologic prepared to reposition their business, they realised the importance of a fresh start and turned to Distl for a complete rebrand. Distl collaborated closely with Biologic’s team, incorporating their feedback and ideas to develop a new visual identity that accurately reflects Biologic’s unique approach to biodiversity and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Brand strategy & visual identity development

Distl’s approach to the rebranding project for Biologic involved a comprehensive process of brand strategy and visual identity development. This process included multiple workshops with the client to uncover their purpose and business direction, which was then consolidated into a comprehensive brand strategy document. Based on the approved brief, Distl presented several identity concepts for the client to choose from.

The challenge

Amid the rebranding project for Biologic, changes to the business during the design phase prompted the client to request additional design concepts. To meet this request, Distl engaged in a lengthy feedback discussion with the client and our design team to gain a deeper understanding of their evolving needs and requirements. Our design team then created additional design concepts, which the client had the opportunity to review and choose from. By being flexible and empathetic to the client’s shifting needs, Distl successfully delivered a final visual identity that authentically reflected Biologic’s unique approach to biodiversity and aligned with their values and goals.


Distl helped fine-tune Biologic’s messaging across several key areas. This included revamping their mission, vision, and values, as well as their customer value proposition. Additionally, Distl worked with the client to develop a tone of voice that would be consistent with their new brand identity. To ensure consistency and accuracy in messaging, Distl also developed a Word bank for Biologic — a comprehensive guide for the client’s future communications, ensuring that their messaging accurately reflects their brand identity and values.

Video production

Building upon our extensive involvement in the pivotal brand workshops with Biologic, Distl played a support role in the video production process, helping to bring the new brand identity to life. Our designers provided video storyboarding and creative direction on the day of shooting, while our copywriter developed the video scripting.

Brand collateral

Distl provided Biologic with a range of brand collateral pieces, including a vehicle wrap, templates for reporting and tender documents, a PowerPoint presentation template, a letterhead template, and email signatures. Each piece was carefully designed to be consistent with Biologic’s new visual identity and messaging, establishing a cohesive and recognisable brand framework.


The rebrand successfully positioned Biologic for the future, as they continue to lead the way in their industry. With a new visual identity and improved messaging, Biologic was ready to present their brand to the world. While a custom website is currently underway and scheduled to launch this year, Distl developed a modular placeholder website as an interim solution. Overall, the rebranding effort has helped Biologic establish a strong identity and one that accurately reflects their unique approach to biodiversity and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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