Rocky Ridge Brewing

Rocky Ridge is a craft brewery located on a farm in Western Australia. Their story is one of pride and evolution, having grown from humble beginnings to become a thriving and community-focused brewery. Their mission is to make high-quality beer using the best local produce farmed sustainably with minimal environmental impact.

Brewing up a winning web proposal

Rocky Ridge Brewing had a challenge for Distl – to create a custom ecommerce website that would better represent their brand, showcase their products and improve the customer purchasing experience.

This exciting challenge was compounded by stiff competition from several other agencies, and a tight deadline of just 12 weeks. Despite this, Distl rose to the occasion, delivering a winning proposal for a custom ecommerce website.

From outdated to outstanding

Rocky Ridge’s existing website was outdated and did not accurately represent their brand, values, or product line. In particular, the website did not convey the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The much-loved brewery also wanted to create a limited releases section on their website to showcase their new beer range, which dropped almost every week.

Custom eCommerce solution

The Distl team got to work, creating a custom WordPress website that featured the WooCommerce plugin. The new website was meticulously designed to authentically reflect Rocky Ridge’s brand identity and values, while showcasing their beer products to the highest standards.

The team even incorporated funky and unique designs that perfectly captured the essence of the brand, highlighting Rocky Ridge’s identity as a family-owned, people-powered, and community-minded brewery.

Unique web integrations

The website included several integrations and components, including customer memberships, integration with Square POS and their membership points, blog feature, and table reservations with Now Book It.

We also integrated Cin7 Stock, which allowed for seamless inventory management, making the brewery’s operations more efficient. Our web integrations not only elevated Rocky Ridge Brewing’s online presence but also improved the brewery’s operations.

Exciting features

Users can actively participate in real-time polls through their account pages, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration. The website also showcases various causes and facilitates direct donations, enabling visitors to contribute to initiatives close to Rocky Ridge’s heart.

Adding a touch of fun and camaraderie, users can send virtual beers to friends, creating memorable moments within the digital space. Emphasising environmental consciousness, a prominent CO2 offset notice educates and encourages visitors to support Rocky Ridge’s sustainability efforts.

Furthermore, the website allows beer enthusiasts to mix and match their orders, offering a tailored experience to suit their preferences. Lastly, the countdown feature builds anticipation by keeping users informed about upcoming beer launches, ensuring they stay excited and engaged with the brand.


Distl recently helped us create a very dynamic and engaging website. They understood our brand and helped us create a fast, well designed and multifaceted e-commerce-based site. The team were great to work with and communication was open and easy. We are stoked with the result!

Hamish Coates – Managing Director
Rocky Ridge Brewing


The results were nothing short of impressive. The website was a game-changer for the brewery, delivering a modern, highly functional, and aesthetically stunning website that expertly showcased their products and authentically represented their brand.

As a result, Rocky Ridge Brewing’s online presence left a lasting and positive impression on its customers. Our unmatched expertise in crafting custom ecommerce solutions was on full display, delivering exceptional results that proved the power of well-designed and expertly executed digital solutions.



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