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With a focus on providing exceptional service and high-quality properties, Link Residential Group specialises in dealing with various land estates, helping clients find their perfect block of land to build their dream home. In addition to land estates, the company also offers established homes for sale, providing buyers with a wide range of options to suit their unique needs and preferences.

Two brands merge to form stronger identity

Link Residential Group faced the challenge of having two separate websites and brands – Now Living Realty and Link Residential – which made it challenging to operate efficiently and portray a cohesive image to their clients. To address this issue, the company recognised the need to merge the two businesses into one, which required a complete overhaul of their online presence. Our team worked closely with Link Residential Group to develop a new brand identity that incorporated elements from both Now Living Realty and Link Residential, providing a seamless transition for their clients.

Branded stationery

Distl designed a range of brand collateral and stationery items to complement the new brand identity which included business cards, email signatures, e-letterheads, signboards, an EDM template, and presentation folders. Link Residential’s new business cards were particularly satisfying to see in use at a recent meeting, as it showcased how the design work had effectively translated into the physical world. Overall, the brand collateral designed by Distl was a huge success, effectively reinforcing the professional, modern, and sophisticated image of Link Residential.


A photoshoot was completed at the Link Residential headquarters located in Osborne Park, which is part of the BGC Housing Group. The objective of the photoshoot was to capture images of the team that reflected the new visual identity of the brand, as well as to provide imagery for use on the new website. The photography style used in the photoshoot was modern, conveying a sense of authenticity and approachability. The resulting images were carefully selected and edited to ensure that they aligned with the overall brand identity.


The new website and brand identity has had a positive impact on the company’s internal team and culture, bringing everyone together under one brand and creating a stronger sense of unity and purpose. Overall, this successful merger and rebranding initiative have helped Link Residential establish themselves as a leading player in the real estate industry, and position them for continued success in the years to come.



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