Momentum Engineering

A full-service engineering firm specialising in the energy industry, Momentum Engineering works flexibly to deliver solutions to their clients’ unique problems. This flexibility has helped them successfully deliver hundreds of projects for their clients across a range of industries.

Communicating cultural change

Following an internal restructure, the team at Momentum Engineering were referred to us to help complete their cultural transformation. They came to us with a legacy brand that didn’t adequately capture their competitive differences.

Our team took them on a rebrand journey to realign their company from the inside out, with a focus on strengthening their team and promoting a collaborative workplace.


Momentum Engineering may be driven by in-depth expertise and strong technical capabilities, but what gives them their real competitive edge is their people. As their team are the lifeblood of their business, we crafted their brand identity around this core theme, using a colour palette with a bold, vivid red. Fresh and energetic, the logotype uses a repeated M shape that references the brand name while calling to mind the movement of a heartbeat.

Branded Content

To tie together the new visuals with the company restructure, our copywriter refined their company values with three key messages

  1. People first.
  2. It’s a team effort.
  3. Never stop learning.

We rolled out the brand theme across a range of collateral including an office fit out with new signage and a custom-built website.

To put a face to the brand, we completed a photoshoot and produced a series of contemporary images for use across their marketing.

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