Generation SunSmart (GSS) — an initiative managed by Cancer Council WA — is dedicated to reducing skin cancer incidence in WA. GSS supports schools, Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) staff, students, and communities in implementing sun protection policies. It serves as the face of the WA SunSmart Schools and Services program, accrediting institutions that meet sun protection criteria.

New website transformation

After years of dedicated fundraising efforts, GSS were ready to modernise its digital presence. The central challenge for GSS was an outdated website that significantly impeded the effective presentation of their learning modules and resources.

Key project objectives

Our primary goal was to craft a digital platform that provided a personalised, engaging, and effortless experience for its diverse audiences. We wanted to inspire Western Australians to embrace sun-smart behaviours and reduce their vulnerability to skin cancer. Distl’s collaboration with GSS revolved around a comprehensive website rebuild, with a specific focus on elevating user experience and engagement, especially concerning the online learning modules, resources, and downloadable PDFs.

Innovative design approach

To infuse dynamism into the user experience, we introduced subtle curves and attention-grabbing hover state colours. This approach added an exciting dimension to the website’s functionality. The harmonious combination of blues and yellows was chosen not only to convey warmth and trust but also to align with the brand’s sun-centric theme. We also integrated purposeful icons and graphics throughout the site, creating visual storytelling and enhancing the accessibility of vital information for users.

Achieved results

The results of the new website exceeded GSS’ expectations. The new website now showcases the learning modules in a far more appealing and engaging manner. We are honoured to continue supporting GSS by managing the hosting for GSS and MyUV, as well as overseeing the management of five associated domains for GSS.

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