Bambury may have started out in a Fremantle home garage, but over the past 27 years they’ve grown to become a fully-fledged home and living brand. Available through major online retailers, they provide beautiful, quality products that embrace the latest interior design trends.

Simple luxuries and quality essentials.

Bambury’s team approached us with the long-term goal of becoming recognised Australia-wide as a reputable home décor brand. By working backwards from their end goal, we broke down their core objective into actionable steps and developed a roadmap to help them get there.

We began activities to increase their brand awareness and drive more traffic to their site, starting with SEO and PPC before adding paid social into the mix. After only 6 months of collaboration, we started to see strong results.

Social Media Marketing

Across social media, we ran Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads, using the latter to boost brand engagement. As Pinterest is female skewed (60% of users), and 89% use Pinterest for purchase inspiration, it was an ideal channel to use for raising brand awareness.

Social Strategy

As our PPC campaigns progressed, we continuously reviewed performance, enabling us to fine tune budget distribution and focus on campaigns and product categories that performed best. Once Shopping was up and running alongside search and display, conversion rates increased by 78.95%.

Instagram contributed to 74% of the revenue generated by all social media channels. We found ad placements on Instagram stories and dynamic placement ads converted well, demonstrating the need to focus our strategy on Instagram moving forward.

Distl have achieved great outcomes while managing our Social Media and PPC advertising campaigns. The excellent work they have done has certainly driven more customers to our website and generated more product sales. Distl have been easy to work with, providing us with great advice and lots of reports – our Account Manager, Marguerite, is wonderful too, always quick to respond!

Amy Clarke – Design Director


From launching on 17 December 2020 through to the end of May 2021, PPC generated 286 transactions, a 2.3x return on ad spend (ROAS) and a 1.4% conversion rate.

Our Facebook and Instagram campaigns contributed another 87 transactions, with a 1.7x ROAS and a 1.4% conversion rate, while Pinterest activities generated 914,504 impressions.

ROAS on PPC campaigns
Conversion rate

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