Paladin Energy

Resourceful, future-focused, and independent, Paladin Energy is a significant uranium miner and exploration company.

Clean energy, clear future.

Under new management, Paladin Energy were looking to refresh their brand identity and strategically position themselves as a major player in the global market.

What started out as a visual rebrand evolved into a more in-depth look at their business, leading to the creation of a series of brand statements to guide internal and external communications.


Progressive. Dynamic. Contemporary. The new Paladin Energy brand theme is designed to express the size of their operations and strength of their company, with the aim of building trust and confidence in their capabilities.

Visually striking, the logo uses bold, all-caps typography alongside a brand mark that represents the atomic structure of uranium. The brandmark gives a literal nod to uranium and is designed to connect with the engineers within Paladin’s audience.

Branded Content

The new look and feel was brought to life across a range of digital and print collateral, including a new website, corporate reports and a stationery suite.

Initially, the team at Paladin Energy felt a visual refresh would be sufficient to drive internal and external change. As the process unfolded and our relationship grew stronger, our scope of works grew to defining a mission statement, company values and operational pillars.

We crafted the tagline, “Clean energy, clear future” to communicate the positive potential of nuclear energy, pairing it with a direct and succinct brand tone of voice.



Clean energy. Clear future.

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