Traditional radio advertising is undergoing a transformation, and Spotify has emerged as a dynamic alternative that offers tailored targeting, engaging content, and unparalleled reach.  

Spotify is the most used digital audio platform in Australia with 42% of Australians using the platform weekly, and it has a greater reach than any one of the major metro radio networks.  

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of Spotify advertising over radio advertising, delving into its advanced audience targeting capabilities, the shift from radio to podcasts, the psychological impact of music, and the unique advantages of Spotify Ad Studio. 

Firstly, what is Spotify advertising? 

Spotify advertising involves the strategic placement of audio ads, accompanied by branded visuals, in the spaces between songs, podcasts, and playlists, everywhere within the free version of the platform and within podcasts on the premium version. Yet, the scope of Spotify advertising extends beyond these familiar audio interludes.  

The platform offers a range of custom options, including sponsored playlists, overlays, homepage takeovers, and leader boards, allowing brands, artists, agencies, and businesses of all sizes to curate immersive ad experiences.  

Spotify ads empower brands to either amplify brand awareness through expansive reach or stimulate audience consideration through strategic impression delivery.  

How Spotify is shaping Australian listening habits

Spotify stands as the frontrunner, captivating the attention of 42% of Australians who engage with the platform on a weekly basis. 63% of Spotify listeners stated that Spotify is an integral part of their day.

Podcasts are stealing the show too, with 43% of Aussies tuning in each month, outpacing last year’s 40% and even the US.  

Over 9 million Aussies have embraced Spotify’s mix of music, podcasts, and more, making it a part of their lives.  

As audio consumption skyrockets, with people spending an average of 961 hours and 10 minutes a year on music, Spotify is tapping into the podcast trend to create a more personal and exciting listening experience. 

The power of sound in branding and advertising 

In the world of connecting with audiences, sound matters as much as visuals. Sound can evoke emotions, trigger memories, and leave lasting impressions. Radio advertising, which dates back to the first-ever radio ad in 1922, set the stage for the role of sound in brand communication. 

Sound’s impact is universal, crossing language and cultural barriers. Melodic tunes, narrators’ voices, and ambient sounds combine to express a brand’s personality and values. Sound offers a unique way to stand out. Think of iconic jingles or sonic logos that instantly bring brands to mind. 

Digital platforms like Spotify have opened new avenues for sound-based advertising. By integrating messages into users’ chosen audio content, brands connect on a personal level.   

Music’s influence on mood and memory

A study conducted by Spotify in partnership with Neuro-Insight, delved into music’s impact on our brains and subconscious. The study unveiled that music has a profound influence on emotional engagement, memory triggers, and overall mood enhancement.  

For listeners, music becomes a means to connect with emotions and uplift their spirits. For advertisers, this provides a fertile ground to deliver messages when audiences are most receptive. 

96% of participants agreed music lifts their mood

88% of participants said music makes the mundane more interesting

Why Spotify over conventional radio?

What truly distinguishes Spotify is its cutting-edge prowess in audience targeting. This sets it apart from the conventional radio approach, where messages are cast broadly, lacking precision.  

Unlike radio’s broad approach, Spotify’s ads are tailored, factoring in demographics, geography, and user preferences, boosting relevance, conversions, and customer engagement. 

As the radio-to-podcast shift mirrors a wider trend toward user-driven content, Spotify stands as the hub for personalised audio experiences. Advertisers can seize this opportunity, connecting meaningfully with audiences in the immersive realm of podcasts and music. 

The impact of Spotify Ad Studio’s dynamic advertising

For marketing agencies, just like Distl, the Ad Studio offers great benefits when working with diverse clients. Within the creative hub, we can tap into an expansive library of background tracks, collaborate with seasoned voice actors, and access top-tier audio mixing – all seamlessly woven into the platform’s interface. This not only streamlines the creative process for the agency-and-client-relationship, but also bolsters the quality of content produced. 

The Studio offers not only a platform for creative expression but an entire toolkit designed to magnify the impact of campaigns. Real-time reporting on ad performance, CPMs, and budget pacing allows for nimble adjustments and goal tracking throughout the campaign lifecycle, ensuring strategies remain aligned with objectives.

The platform offers a range of objective options, making it suitable for a wide spectrum of industries, budgets, and long-term goals: 

  • Selective targeting: Pinpoint your audience based on age, location, gender, interests, streaming preferences, and more. 
  • High-frequency impressions: Achieve the ideal ad frequency by reaching listeners during moments that matter most. 
  • Short creation cycles: Bring your ads to life swiftly with just a 15-30 second audio clip and a compelling image. 
  • Cost-efficiency: Launch campaigns with a budget as low as $250, all while monitoring your campaign’s impact and audience insights. 

From new dynamic ad formats to new ways to track ad performance, Spotify is constantly developing its offering. For instance, the platform launched CTA cards for podcasts in the US, increasing the number of places where listeners can click on them during and after an audio ad. This feature has boosted traffic to advertiser-specified URLs. 

Spotify is the rising star that offers a fresh perspective and unmatched potential. With its advanced targeting, personalised experiences, and scientific insights into music’s impact, Spotify has rightfully earned its place.  

If you’re ready to elevate your brand’s voice and connect with your audience on a deeper level, Spotify advertising is an avenue to be explored. 

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Emily Smail

Senior Marketing Account Manager