While most businesses will benefit from SEO, it is always worth asking yourself these questions to see if it is a good fit for your business.

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Can your business grow fast enough through word of mouth and referrals alone?

The magic of SEO and Google Ads is that they both target people who were likely never going to find your business through referral, why else would they be asking a robot for advice? With a solid SEO strategy in place, your site can begin to appear for these customers when they search for one or several of your services. Over time, the goal is to appear for a variety of search queries related to your services, resulting in traffic growth that compounds over time.

Are you seeing leads from Google Ads, but it’s eating up your revenue?

SEO and Google Ads both target the same traffic source, making your Google Ads performance an excellent indicator of your SEO potential and vice versa. If your Google Ads campaign is generating a satisfactory number of leads, it indicates that there is sufficient search traffic seeking your services to make an SEO strategy a viable option. By complementing your Google Ads with an SEO strategy, you can gradually reduce your dependence on paid advertising. Just remember that while SEO and Google Ads target the same audience, some users are more likely to click on ads, while others favour organic results. The end goal shouldn’t be to stop Google Ads, but to benefit from both listings appearing on the first page, potentially doubling your click-through rate. With that in mind, if you are happy with the number of leads you’re receiving from Google Ads, then SEO could be a game changer for your lead generation efforts.

Does your industry have a lot of qualified search traffic?

The value you will get from SEO is directly tied to the volume of search traffic looking for your services. But if you haven’t run Google Ads or tried SEO in the past, how do you find this out? Well, you can do this in two ways:

  1. You can read our blog on how many people are searching for your business in Perth?
  2. You can perform some keyword research on your own with the keyword surfer browser extension.

If potential customers are actively searching for your products or services online, then SEO can help you capture this audience.

Are you building or redesigning a new site?

A website is a big investment, and it’s the only time you get a truly blank canvas to embed SEO best practices right from the start. It doesn’t matter if your business is already killing it online, or if you are just starting out, engaging with an SEO agency during the web development process can offer some serious benefits, and save you a bunch of headaches. An SEO specialist will guide you through the planning stage, helping design your sitemap and content strategy. In the development phase, they’ll collaborate with your web developer to address any issues that could hinder search engines from fully understanding your site’s content. As you launch, they will support site migration, manage redirects from old pages to their new counterparts, and use webmaster tools to maintain Google’s recognition of your site so that you don’t lose any traffic. After launch, should any problems arise, having an SEO specialist on hand allows you to quickly address these issues, so you can focus on managing your business.

If you are planning to build a new site, we urge you to do it correctly. Reach out to your local SEO agency, it is 100% worth the money. Trust us when we say, we would NEVER build a website for ourselves without the close supervision of one of our own SEO specialists.

Is your website is getting traffic but no conversions?

SEO isn’t just about ranking on Google; it’s about enhancing the entire customer journey between discovering your business in the search results and connecting with your business via form or phone call. Modern SEO specialists are more interested in understanding the intent of your users, rather than the keywords they use. This approach allows them to cover the topics Google recognises as relevant to your audience, naturally becoming experts in customer behaviour. This insight enables them to optimise your site to convert more frequently by giving your traffic exactly what it needs, at just the right moment. This is something which also enhances the strategies any other marketing efforts, such as Social Media Marketing or Google Ads.

If you feel like your content leaves a sour taste in your mouth, or if you simply don’t have time to think about conversion rate optimisation, the process of SEO will naturally refine your content, while also driving more traffic to your website. Buy one, get one free.

Have we piqued your interest?

We love showing people the value of SEO, but we have no intention of upselling it to those who don’t need it. We only win if you win – so feel free to pick our brains if you still aren’t sure if SEO is right for you. But, if you have asked yourself all of the above questions and are feeling confident, maybe it’s time to ask just one more; When can we start?

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