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Manage the website migration juggling act without dropping an SEO ball.

Migration migraine mitigation.

Switching from an old website to a new one can be a headache, but our website migration and SEO services will make it painless.

Over the many years that we’ve been developing websites, we’ve created a robust migration process and managed countless migrations. And not just for small websites. We’ve managed migrations with thousands of web pages.

It means we’ll dot every i in your website’s metadata and schema code. And we’ll cross every 301 redirect off the migration to-do list to a tee (redirecting your old web page URLs to your new ones).

Make my website migration easier


Switching to Distl was a great decision for our business – previously we had a lot of trouble with other digital marketing companies that have little accountability and just simply didn’t deliver the results we need.

David at Distl looks after our account now and I can’t recommend them highly enough. David is happy to have a meeting in person whenever I request it, he is responsive over email and makes things happen quickly when I want something done.

The most important thing is they are good at what they do – these guys target the relevant key searches and get results, we’re now sitting on page 1 for the key searches that are relevant to our business when we were on page 7 prior to joining Distl.

Jake Hodgetts
Climate Frame

What does a website migration cost?

We’ll tailor our team and website migration process to suit you, keeping your migration costs to a minimum. But the real question is, what’s the cost of getting your website migration wrong?

A poorly managed migration can destroy your rankings in one fell swoop, haemorrhaging your hard-won domain authority and search engine rankings.

With our migration and SEO experts on the case, testing and carefully monitoring your migration, it will be as seamless as can be. And your new website will be correctly configured and crawlable from the get-go, keeping your customers and Google happy.

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One of Distl's team making sure that a website migration is performing as planned

Start a conversation.

Whether you want to launch a new website or make wholesale changes to your existing one, you need to nail the change – the migration from one state to the next – first time.

Screw it up and you’ll pay the price in lost SEO, rankings, traffic and sales. But we’re not about to let that happen.

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