Davey Real Estate is synonymous with the northern beach properties of Perth. The company takes pride in its distinct approach to buying, selling, and managing properties and has built a reputation for providing exceptional experiences to its clients.

Out with the old, in with the new

When Davey Real Estate approached Distl, they had an outdated and dysfunctional website that did not properly reflect their brand. Their website was too old and desperately needed an update to improve the user experience for visitors.

The old website’s poor design and functionality made it difficult for Davey to showcase their expertise in beachfront properties and suburbs close to the beach. Distl’s task was to build a custom website that would properly reflect Davey’s brand while ensuring that the website was modern and functional. 

Custom website

Distl designed and developed a custom website for Davey that not only reflected the company’s brand but also improved the user experience for visitors. The website was built on the React/Gatsby platform, which allowed for a fast and responsive website. Distl’s design incorporated a clean and modern layout that showcased Davey’s specialisation in beachfront houses and suburbs close to the beach.

The website’s design also emphasised Davey’s community-focused approach, creating a platform that fosters a sense of belonging for residents in the areas they serve. The website was designed with a focus on providing an exceptional user experience, with intuitive navigation and easy-to-find information. 

Vault RE property integration

The integration of Vault RE into Davey’s website was a game-changer for the project, as it allowed them to manage their properties seamlessly. Cron jobs were set up to ensure that the website was always up to date with the latest properties available for sale or rent.

The integration with Vault RE allowed Davey to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory of their properties, which improved the efficiency of their operations. Distl’s web integration strategy ensured that the website was always in sync with Vault RE, which helped to enhance the user experience and enabled visitors to the site to view the most current properties available. The Vault RE integration made it easier for Davey to manage their property listings, while also improving the overall functionality of their website. 

It was a pleasure to deal with the team at Distl. Jelena and the team worked closely with us to deliver a fantastic new website Davey Real Estate that was tailored to our marketing brief.

Simon Spencer — Managing Director
Davey Real Estate

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