MNG provides personalised and innovative surveying and spatial solutions to the land development, resources and infrastructure sectors across Australia. MNG partner with their clients to help them discover hidden opportunities, navigate challenges and mitigate risks in their projects.

Modernised branding and seamless migration

When MNG came to Distl, they knew their digital presence needed a facelift, as their lacklustre website existed only to validate their business. They wanted a more sales-focused site that demonstrated the extent of their services and modernised their brand.

Because of the close working relationship, we built in the process of successfully delivering their new site, MNG approached us again to incorporate the MNG Access portal with their new site.


We designed a new website that brings MNG’s brand — which is based on the concept of the natural and digital world colliding — to life.

Leveraging the brand’s existing coloured square elements, our designers created engaging transitions and separators between page content, as well as framing elements to ground images on the page.

We also added subtle rollover animation effects to the navigation logo and services blocks that function as an indicator that the viewer is hovering on a button and provides an added level of interactivity to the site.


MNG needed a site that could display their work in a portfolio format and inform clients of their services through custom landing pages. MNG also wanted the ability to post news articles and insights to the site without any difficulty. As these standard requirements can be expertly handled by React — with its WordPress CMS, speed and security — there was no better solution for MNG’s website.

We were building MNG two sites with the same theme, and differentiation between the two was important. As a result, we had to consider every component’s ability to be transformed visually, which meant building all components from the ground up, making them flexible and unique.


A website migration is a lot like moving house — proper preparation makes it far easier to unpack after the move. For MNG’s site migration, we used redirects to painstakingly link every page on their former website to its closest counterpart on the new site. As most services had their name and URL updated, this process was incredibly important to keep MNG’s rankings and traffic stable. Without it, search engines like Google may easily have written off the old pages as services MNG no longer offer, diminishing the rankings they had earned over the years. Fortunately for MNG, our efforts were rewarded with improved visibility and more stable click traffic.


We worked with the Distl team to revitalise our aging website and bring it to life to present our team, business, capabilities and our culture to the market. Working with the creative Distl team from our very technical team produced a great result which we are immensely proud of — thanks Distl!

Rob Kiernan — Group Business Development Manager


The MNG Access site tied in well with the main site we designed and built, enabling users to more easily access the portal. Through a smooth migration and the considered implementation of SEO foundations, we were able to provide MNG with better rankings for core search terms, more visibility on search engines all with absolutely no-downtime.

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