Kaya Group

Kaya Group gathers insights into human capability and potential, which they then use to improve organisational performance, productivity and profitability. They enable organisations to fulfil their potential by empowering employees with the insights, knowledge and tools they need to realise their individual potential.

Insight into human capability and potential

Back in 2011, Distl began the first of many projects with organisational and employee development consultants Kaya. While the founder of Kaya had an excellent industry reputation, this needed to be translated into the Kaya brand. It was also important to give Kaya its own identity and position the group as a respected industry leader in its own right.


We developed a new brand identity and applied the updated look and feel to the website as well as print collateral and signage. Kaya was well on its way to consolidating itself as a global market leader.


The group reached out to us again to redevelop and modernise its website in line with advancements in technology. Over the process of redeveloping the site, we continued to build a solid relationship with Kaya, so much so that they called on us again to create a ‘Wellbeing Indicator’ web application.

The Wellbeing Indicator measures employee and workplace wellbeing via a 169-question survey. Our team created a user-friendly app with data collection and payment gateway functionality that allows the Kaya consultants to cut down on admin time. More importantly, it provides a digital platform that enables them to deliver their services to their international markets.

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