Ayres Composite Panels

Over the past 25 years, Ayres Composite Panels has established itself as an international leader in lightweight panel manufacturing for the marine and transport industries. Driven by customer focused solutions and continual product development, they are known for being on the forefront of lightweight panel technology.

Leading manufacturer of lightweight honeycomb panels

After working with us in the past, the Ayres team decided to engage us once more to refresh their outdated website and align their online presence with their industry reputation. Their goals were to position themselves as an innovative industry leader, consolidate the Ayres and Sonium® websites, and clearly and succinctly communicate their offering — all on a minimalistic, modernised and user-friendly site.


The Ayres team wanted the site to be clean and simple, with a home page that clearly articulates who they are, what they do and the industries they service. Our web designers took their minimalistic, European vision and created a pared back site with straight, crisp lines and ample negative space.


The new Ayres website features an interactive menu that is aligned to the right-hand side on both mobile and desktop. It’s a slight twist on traditional UX, giving the site a unique edge that caters to different types of customers.

Users are able to navigate the site via product or industry, with animated diagrams to aid the discovery process. In the menu, we also included a category for Sonium® products, removing the need for the sub-brand to have its own separate website.

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