AI Overviews are bringing generative artificial intelligence (Generative AI) to Google search in the form of AI-generated snippets. These snippets provide more information around a topic or direct answer a users’ query without requiring them to click through to any websites.

Depending on the search query, there are a couple different ways AI overviews may look…

AI Overviews

AI Overviews are featured at the top of the SERP displaying a relevant response to the query along with links to any resources that corroborate the response. This allows people to dig deeper into a topic should they choose, as well as check the information for themselves. AI Overviews will likely display for queries with informational intent e.g. “best soups for winter”.

AI Organised results pages

AI organised results pages overhaul the SERP with a new UI, featuring headings, a number of different content types and a range of filters to help you explore a topic. They are likely going to display for queries with transactional and commercial intent – e.g. “Japanese restaurants near me”

Multi-step reasoning capabilities for complex questions

With the launch of AI overviews, you can now ask a follow up question or request the “suggested next steps” to your initial search without having to provide context.

Planning capabilities directly in Search

We all know how useful Google is for recipe hunting, and it’s about to get better. With the new planning capabilities, you will be able to plan meals for your whole week, export the recipes and create a shopping list all from one search!

Alistair Hinchliffe

SEO Service Lead