Penalty Recovery

Picking your way out of the penalty minefield calls for wise SEO heads.

Toxic backlinks. Black hat SEO. Or just a change in Google’s algorithm and plain bad luck.

There are many reasons why your website might be penalised. But whatever the situation, there’s always a way to regain your traffic and domain authority with our penalty recovery know-how.

Penalty recovery: Come back stronger than ever.

Google can penalise your website if their penalty algorithms or teams think you’ve breached their terms of service and tried to game the system through black hat backlinks and SEO tactics.

But you can also be penalised for an unintentional breach, perhaps through toxic backlinks. And that’s where our SEO specialists and strategists come in.

We know how to tell the difference. And just as importantly, we can help you bounce back from a penalty, rebuild Google’s trust in your website and recover or replace lost website traffic.

Help me recover

Get out of Google’s black books with a white hat.

Whether you’ve engaged in black hat SEO or not, our experienced SEO team will diagnose precisely why your website has been penalised and forensically identify toxic backlinks. Then, we’ll develop and implement a Google-safe strategy that ensures your website and rankings recover.

Unlike many SEO agencies, we have all the experience and expertise you need in-house. No outsourcing here. And we’ll leave no stone unturned, painstakingly disavowing dubious or toxic backlinks, one by one.

Of course, with SEO there are no guarantees – Google’s algorithms change all the time. And it’s impossible to say how quickly your website and rankings will recover. But one thing’s for sure, our experienced SEO team will find the most efficient way out of the penalty recovery abyss.

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