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Build links. Build Google’s trust. Build your way up the search rankings.

Links are one of the basic building blocks of on-site SEO.

But there are good links and bad links. Good links will help your website rocket up the search engine rankings. Bad ones will see your website crash and burn. So how do you do link building the right way?

Ask our SEO and link building experts.

Our relationship with link building goes way back. We’ve seen link building fads, trends and penalties come and go, so we know what works and why.

And we’ll apply all that knowledge and experience to the link building strategy we’ll plan and implement for you.

Like everything we do at Distl, it’s about the long game, building sustainable value and equity into your brand and business, year after year. No shonky quick fixes. No tactics that’ll come back to bite you.

Building links the right way

Separating link building fact from fiction.

While there are good links and bad links, building high quality links isn’t as black and white as it sounds.

There are safe white hat tactics. There are manipulative black hat techniques that Google will penalise. But the truth is, most link building techniques sit in the grey area.

And that’s where our SEO expertise and link building experience come in. We’ll help you build high-value links and toe Google’s link building line.

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Building natural, sustainable website links.

Gain traffic and traction the right way with our website marketing team in Perth.

No more smoke and mirrors

After years of abuse, the term ‘link building’ has been tarnished. Other agencies’ dubious link building and SEO tactics have left many respectable businesses in need of our penalty recovery expertise. But the truth is, ethical link building – or ‘link earning’, as our SEO team in Perth thinks about it – is as important to effective SEO and website marketing as ever.

Don’t take it from us, take it from Google

More than any other factor, a strong link profile will define your website’s ability to deliver long-term organic traffic. High authority links act like votes of trust to Google and the other search engines.

The key word there is ‘authority’. Links are not created equal. The negative impact of spammy, low quality links has been widely documented, but never more clearly than by Google’s categorical explanation. It’s worth reading in full, but to summarise:

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to or from your site.

Natural links are sustainable links

For over a decade, our Perth-based website development and SEO team has been committed to the value of ethical, natural and credible link building as an effective, high ROI marketing channel.

We build custom link strategies for our clients with a focus on results. We’re not talking high volume link farms, reciprocal linking or low value directory submission links – these techniques are dead and buried, breaching Google’s guidelines and offering no value whatsoever to your website.

Unfortunately it’s not only the compromised link practices of yesteryear that are harming websites. Our work in auditing prospective clients website still uncover the same dangerous practices from agencies lacking the dangers of poor link building.

Use a link building methodology that takes the fundamentals of SEO into account

Analysis. Every website has a link profile, even if it has no links. The first and essential step is to analyse and compare your current position and that of your competitors.

Strategy. We always start with an understanding of our client’s business, their clients and their industry. We then use this knowledge to build a long-term plan to identify innovative and natural linking opportunities.

Authority. We see no value in links from low quality, untrusted sites. Our belief is that a link must deliver value, even if it contributes no boost in ranking.

Relevance. We only target link opportunities that closely fit your industry niche.

Diversity. Link opportunities are available from a wide range of sources, from social, blogs, curated directories and more. We leverage a broad range of sources, both offline and online.

Links should be real, not artificial

No doubt many aspects of SEO will always be open to exploitation, link building included. However, we will always stay true to our methodology, always innovate, always stay up to date with the latest trends and news, and always focus on earning links rather than artificially building them.

Googles ability to interpret the true meaning of a link continues to improve. And for us, that’s a good thing. By following a white hat approach to link building our work translates to results now and down the track.

Sustainable SEO leads to sustainable traffic

Find out more about link building and how our no-nonsense approach to website development and search engine optimisation are good for your brand and your bottom line – in the short, medium and long term. Get in touch with our website marketing team in Perth.

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