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Claiming your Google Business Profile page is a no-brainer. Making it work hard requires SEO smarts.

Google Business Profile listings are the single biggest factor in determining where you rank in local Google searches.

One little local SEO tactic with huge traffic-generating potential. And it’s free! But it isn’t enough to simply claim your Google Business Profile. You need to work it. Hard.

Optimise your Google Business Profile for local SEO.

Your free Google Business Profile page is a big deal when it comes to local SEO and helping local people find your business through Google Search and Google Maps.

But extracting all that local SEO goodness is all about the little details. Categorisation. Listings. Optimisation. The list goes on. And Google’s assessment and ranking criteria are constantly changing.

The good news is, our local SEO specialists are all over Google Business Profile best practice. And when we bake GMB optimisation into a local SEO strategy, custom designed to help you achieve your business goals, there’s no telling how far your local Google listing will take you.

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Good for business. Good for customers.

When you get your Google My Business page right – and our SEO services will make sure you do – you’ll find Google is your new best friend.

Your chances of being listed in Google Search, Google Maps, Local Pack, Local Finder and organic rankings will jump exponentially.

And your GMB page genuinely enables you to make friends directly with local customers. You can respond to online reviews, share news and post photos, opening hours, menus and much more.

Want to be found on Google?

Find out how to optimise your Google Business Profile with our SEO experts in Perth.

Google my what?It really is starting to get confusing. Let us fill you in!

Google Business Profile (formerly known as GMB) replaced Google Places as the one-stop-shop for Google’s suite of business platforms. That means your My Business page is a big deal, SEO-wise. Optimise it correctly, and you’ll earn vital local SEO kudos. It will (literally) put you on the map for prospective customers. So don’t take any chances. Take the advice of our SEO experts in Perth.

Optimising your my business page will help you:

Increase the visibility of your business in search results. Add contact information, opening times and directions so your customers can get in touch.


Put your business on the map. Enable people to find your business and get directions (bearing in mind that Google gives businesses proximity priority in search results).

Make an impact with Google+. Like Facebook, but with a more business focus, Google+ can help you build a loyal and engaged customer base, giving your customers a platform for sharing their positive experience by rating and reviewing your business.

Does local SEO and my Google Business Profile optimisation really work?It certainly does. Consider these search scenarios.

Say someone is looking for a great coffee shop to visit. They may only look in a radius of a few kilometres. OK, in the case of a seriously dedicated coffee tragic, they might drive across town for the perfect doppio, but otherwise they’re searching locally.

Then there’s someone else looking for a company to service their washing machine. They’re probably open to looking a little further afield, perhaps anywhere in the same city.

In both scenarios, an optimised My Business page is a free and effective way to reach both searchers. If you aren’t listed, these prospective customers will find an alternative.

What factors influence your my Google Business Profile search ranking?

There are a bunch of factors that impact on your local Google ranking. Here, our SEO experts have highlighted the most important ones:

  • Categorisation. Getting primary and secondary categorisation is currently the most influential contributor to local ranking. Your primary category should match the primary search term you are seeking, and additional categories should match any other target terms.
  • Website reputation. A great website experience = a better ranking with Google. Your local ranking is boosted if your website has a high quality and reputation score.
  • Proximity. Google will consider your businesses proximity to the search being undertaken when displaying the listing results.
  • Completeness. Create a My Business page that is accurate and complete and tells the full story. Add images, video, trading hours or parking information.
  • Reviews. Positive and authentic customer reviews on your My Business page will significantly contribute to your ranking.
  • Citations (other directory listings). An important step in SEO. Google uses other directory listings to assess your site’s quality – they’re sticklers for consistency, so it’s critical that every reference to your business name, address and phone number (often called NAP) is identical.

Have a question about Google Business Profile? Ask our SEO Experts!

There’s a lot to get on top of when it comes to search engine optimisation. But you really can’t afford to ignore local SEO – you need to optimise your My Business page and optimise for Google Maps. So don’t get overwhelmed. Get in touch with our SEO experts in Perth and make sure you can be found.

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