Originally from Germany – via Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK – Sarah brings her uniquely European experience of brand strategy to her role as one of Distl’s invaluable brand account managers.

Sarah has always had a passion for branding. ‘My curiosity about understanding humans, their needs and their desires mixed with creative thinking led me to study branding. In turn, this created the perfect synergy to work as a brand strategist and brand account manager.’

After completing her Bachelor of Science in fashion and branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute – where she specialised in strategy, trends and consumer analysis – she embarked on her career in brand strategy. Since then, Sarah’s extensive experience in the food, fashion, and lifestyle industries has spanned applications including print media, packaging, and major campaigns. She’s worked for fashion magazines and for fashion startups to develop market-conquering branding and strategy. In London, she worked on a NIKE campaign with Ellie Goulding. And at her last agency, she was brand strategist and social media manager for clients like Lindt, Zoeva, and Dm – one of Germany’s largest retailers.

In 2020, Sarah travelled to Australia. When she got here, she realised this was the place for her. ‘I fell in love with the nature and mentality of the people’, she says. A beach lover, Sarah picked Perth to be her home and soon after, joined the Distl team.

Sarah Brand Team

At Distl, Sarah’s day is filled with helping her clients with brand building, communication strategies, consumer driven campaigns and trends forecasting. When asked about what makes her job special, she said, ‘The modern consumer world is more fiercely competitive than it has ever been. Overwhelmed with an overabundance of brands and products to choose from, consumers now understand quickly when they are being ‘seduced’ into something. Listening to the vision of an existing brand or startup always gets me excited to create something different – something extraordinary. I love working with the team to create innovative and creative solutions so our clients’ brands can be unbeatable on the market and shine bright.’

When she’s not working to build Australia’s most unstoppable brands, Sarah spends her time at the beach, travelling, reading, and cooking.

We love having Sarah on the branding team – and the feeling’s mutual: ‘Distl is such a great company with interesting clients to work with and an amazing workplace culture. I feel blessed to work here.’