Account managers are the backbone in the success of agencies and clients alike. At Distl, we take pride in the diverse skills of our team, with each account manager bringing a unique set of talents to the forefront. In this blog, we’re shedding light on the distinct skills required for the role of a brand account manager, with a closer look at the expertise of our very own Sarah Tobias.

Shared skills of Distl’s account managers

1. Client-centric communication

All our account managers, no matter their specialisation, are champions of clear and effective communication. They act as the vital link between clients and our agency, ensuring comms are crystal clear, expectations are set, and feedback is valued. Transparency and empathy is at the core of all client relationships.

2. Project oversight and coordination

Whether it’s a digital project, web development, or brand-focused initiative, our account managers excel at overseeing the entire process. Seamless collaboration with different teams within the agency ensures projects are not only executed efficiently and to a high standard, but also align with client objectives. This demands meticulous planning, coordination, and attention to detail.

3. Problem-solving

Challenges are inevitable, and problems can crop up – and that’s perfectly normal. Our account managers are not only skilled problem-solvers but also committed to transparency, living by one of our company values ‘be an open book.’ We take this commitment seriously, ensuring that our actions and processes are transparent, and we address any issues that may arise promptly.

4. Relationship building

Central to the role of all our account managers is the art of building and maintaining strong client relationships. Actively seeking to understand evolving client needs, they consistently strive to exceed expectations, fostering loyalty beyond individual projects. We cherish treating our clients like friends.

But why the need for specialised account managers for different departments?

To put it simply, it’s not a necessity. However, at Distl, it’s our choice.

Even though all of our account managers handle core responsibilities, we stand by our preference to offer clients a dedicated team of experts in their particular field. This means having digital account managers (from junior to senior), web account managers, and brand account managers — each bringing their unique skills to their specific departments.

An insight into expertise as a brand account manager

When it comes to being a brand account manager, Sarah offers a distinctive set of skills, honing in on shaping the overall image and perception of a brand. Let’s take a peek into her day-to-day at Distl as one of our brand account managers:

1. Adapting communication styles

Brand projects are often intricate and carry significant emotional weight for our clients. Sarah places a high value on recognising when a client requires additional support and guidance, bringing an extra layer of empathy and educational insight at all times.

2. Brand insight and strategy

Sarah’s role is marked by strategic thinking and an understanding of brand dynamics. Collaborating closely with our creative and strategic teams, she contributes to brand realignments, campaigns, and initiatives that authentically express the client’s brand identity.

3. Visual identity creation

Seeking input and expertise from the design team, Sarah oversees the creation of logos, colour schemes, and other visual elements that resonate with the brand’s values. She ensures consistency across various platforms, enhancing brand recall and fostering a visually cohesive identity.

4. Brand messaging

Sarah actively participates in crafting the brand message alongside the strategic team, aligning it with the brand’s identity and ensuring resonance with the intended audience. Whether it’s developing taglines, brand stories, or communication materials, Sarah is the steward of conveying the brand’s values and mission.

5. Market research and analysis

Sarah conducts in-depth analysis to understand industry trends, consumer behaviour, and competitors. This information is pivotal in shaping a brand strategy that is not only unique but also responsive to dynamic market conditions.

6. Brand management and monitoring

Beyond the initial creation phase, Sarah takes charge of ongoing brand management. She monitors the brand’s performance, gathers feedback, and make necessary adjustments to maintain relevance and resonance in the market.

7. Differentiation and positioning

Uniquely positioning the brand in the market is a forte of a brand account manager. Through differentiation strategies, Sarah collaborates with clients to ensure the brand stands out from competitors, establishing a niche that appeals precisely to the target audience.

In summary, being a brand account manager goes beyond managing accounts — it’s about cultivating a brand experience that resonates, and Sarah embodies this expertise.

Sarah Tobias

Brand Account Manager