We’ve been making some changes at the Distl office. As you may already know, we are big on goals, or what we call ‘Objectives and Key Results’ (OKRs). With Q2 just around the corner, we’re in the process of setting some new quarterly goals for our business and its people. This month we’re thinking about what we can do to become more of an eco-friendly office.

We’re looking out for the planet

As there is no Planet B, we recognise the value in keeping this one alive. So, we have decided that one of our OKRs will be dedicated to sustainability.

Our objective: To reduce the overall environmental impact of Distl as a workplace through the implementation of individual and companywide strategies and goals.

In order to reach our overarching environmental objective, we have implemented the following key results.

  • Reduce single use plastic by 50% by the end of next quarter.
  • Replace all of our paper products with recycled alternatives by the end of next quarter.
  • Become a carbon neutral office by the end of 2022.

We’ve put together a game plan to help us kick all of our eco goals.


We’re placing a focus on proper recycling habits and we almost have them nailed. If our team isn’t sure whether something is recyclable, it’s not a problem. We have guides in the office kitchen and other waste collection areas to point people in the right direction.

Going paperless with clients

Before each meeting, our account managers send out a digital copy of the meeting agenda and any other relevant documents, as well as taking digital notes during the meeting. Not only does this help the meeting run smoother, but it also reduces our paper consumption, ensuring we’re only printing when absolutely necessary.

Using glasses for client meetings

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we have stopped buying single use plastic water bottles for use in client meetings. We’re now making more of an environmentally conscious choice by investing in glass jugs and water glasses.  

Switching to recycled paper products

We are substituting all of our paper products, such as toilet paper, tissues, printer paper and paper towels to recycled alternatives. It was a very easy switch thanks to Australian company Who Gives A Crap (an online supplier of recycled household paper products) and our local Officeworks store.

Offsetting our office carbon emissions

We are in the process of fundraising for the ‘Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund Ltd.’, a government run foundation that is all about restoring the natural, native plants throughout the Australian landscape. These conservation and reforestation efforts work to offset the carbon emissions produced by our office.

Discouraging use disposable items

We are making a conscious effort to stop purchasing single use plastic cutlery and paper plates for birthday cakes and other office functions. Single use batteries are also being phased out, with rechargeable options being used instead. We have also replaced our disposable soap containers with refillable glass bottles. Every little bit counts.

Kicking eco-goals

Here at Distl we’re not just setting eco-goals, we’re tracking them too. We want to hold ourselves accountable, as we do in all other aspects of our work.

 This one’s for you, planet Earth!