At Distl, we’ve always had a soft spot for nurturing young talent and providing them with a platform to thrive.

Today, we’re excited to share the journey of Adib Massoudi, who joined us as an intern at the start of 2023 and since transitioned to a role as an Account Support and now as a Junior Paid Media Specialist. We recently sat down with Adib to get an insider’s perspective on his journey, the challenges he faced, and the secrets behind his success.

A passion for marketing

Long before Adib became part of the Distl team, he had his sights set on a career in marketing. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in management and marketing, Adib was eager to put his knowledge to practical use.

“I always knew I wanted my first job out of university to be at an agency,” he shares.

Adib was drawn to the diverse range of work that agencies offer, allowing him to gain well-rounded skills and experience across various industries.

Discovering Distl

Adib discovered the Distl internship opportunity on social media. “What made it stand out was the different way they asked candidates to apply – through a video,” he shared. After thorough research about Distl, its clients, and their work, Adib was excited to take the leap. The team’s friendly and supportive culture was a big draw for him. So, he decided to record and submit his video application. His excitement reached its peak when he was offered an interview … and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Distl welcome

Adib described his first few weeks at Distl as incredibly welcoming and supportive. “Everyone was eager to help out and teach me everything I needed to know,” he says.

Matt Williams, one of his primary mentors (who was also once an intern at Distl), played a significant role in Adib’s onboarding and training.

The onboarding process at Distl was well-structured, making it easy for Adib to settle in quickly. 

A day in the life as an Intern at Distl

A typical day as an intern at Distl is a balanced mix of learning, teamwork, and a variety of tasks. Adib’s day usually started meeting with his mentor, Matt, or the Marketing Team Lead, Ryan. They would offer guidance and set the direction for the day ahead.

Adib’s daily tasks included a mix of responsibilities, such as organising office supplies, handling phone calls, and setting up meetings. But beyond these routine admin duties, his days were incredibly diverse. Adib had the chance to collaborate with different team members and explore various projects from the different departments: marketingweb and brand.

Learning and growth

Adib’s internship was a whirlwind of learning opportunities. He had the chance to try his hand at various tasks by rotating through all the different teams and departments. What’s more, the last three weeks of his internship were like a blank canvas – Adib could choose a specific department to work with and dive deep into the tasks there.

Transitioning to a paid media support role

In the early stages of his internship, Adib expressed a strong interest in social media advertising, including both organic and paid channels. As his internship was coming to an end, Adib was offered a role as junior paid media support.

Adib was eager to expand his knowledge and took on the challenge of becoming comfortable with platforms like Meta ads. He also honed his skills in crafting impactful ad campaigns and gained a deep understanding of the importance of budget control.

Adib couldn’t help but feel incredibly thankful for the chance to chase his dreams and build a career in something he was truly passionate about. He knew this opportunity was unique, especially in a world where many recent graduates often feel like they have to grab any job that comes their way just to kickstart their careers.

The Distl culture

Describing the company’s culture, Adib emphasises how everyone at Distl genuinely wants each other to succeed. Team members are supportive and understand that when each person does their part, it benefits the whole team. The collaborative environment at Distl is also something he appreciates. He mentions that team members are always willing to help each other, no matter their department. If someone can’t help immediately, they make sure to find time in the future, rather than just saying no.

In conclusion, Adib’s advice to budding marketers is to seek out internships as they offer a well-rounded experience, allowing you to explore the different hats of marketing.

Adib’s journey with Distl reinforces the idea that you don’t have to settle for a job that treats you like a number. His simple advice is to research and follow organisations that resonate with you, and be on the lookout for those life-changing opportunities that may come your way.

Ryan Wilson

Marketing Team Lead

Adib Massoudi

Junior Paid Media Specialist