“How can my business use social media?” It’s a question we get asked on the daily. Our opinion? Social media should be the love language between your business and your target audience.

Around the office, we often joke that social media is the sixth “love language,” the way of finding what your audience wants, and giving it to them, exactly how they like it and in such a way they keep coming back for more.

Hold up – what is a love language?

You may have heard about Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages.” If you haven’t (have you been living under a rock?), it’s OK, I’ll give you a brief run down.

Chapman’s relationship advice book details his secret to love that lasts, the five love languages. Each language reflects how someone receives and acknowledges love – words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. The book explores the idea that you have to understand your partner (or anyone with whom you have a relationship, such as a parent, child or even colleague) and know how they receive love, thus being able to show it to them in they way they naturally receive it.

So, when we say social media is the sixth love language we mean social media is a medium through which you can woo your target audience, creating and sharing beautiful content so they fall in love with your brand and your offering.

I mean, don’t you want someone to give it to you just how you want it? Exactly.

Content marketing essentials

Throughout our Content Marketing Essentials series, we will be discussing all things content marketing. Why? The answer is simple. Content marketing is one of the best long-term marketing strategies your business can invest in, yet many businesses don’t truly understand its power and how to use it effectively.

Business social media use

With the rise of social media use, came the rise in businesses trying to using social media to reach their ideal audiences.

Using social media as part of your content marketing strategy isn’t just selecting a cool photo of your business and uploading it to one, the “Power Four” or even all of the social media channels with a snappy caption. It’s so much more than that.

Social media should be a love language between you and your audience. It’s about knowing what they want and giving it to them through the right channels. The content you share and engage them with should deeply resonate on a personal level, even if you’re communicating business to business. Content needs to move them in places no other business has before, and reaching a climax this powerful isn’t easy.

You have to start by understanding your audience and asking yourself a few questions:

  • Who is going to be reading your content? Are they a young professional? An entrepreneur? A middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis?
  • What are their interests? Can you tap into what they already love?
  • How old are they? Speak such a way that your audience will easily understand what you mean.
  • When are they going to be online? Thinking about what your audience does during the day can assist you in knowing when they’ll be online and how best tailor
  • Will they share your content? This is important because having sharable content exposes your brand to their 1,000+ Facebook / Instagram friends and can dramatically influence your popularity.

If you’re ready to delve deeper, consider developing personas. This investment will be worth your time.

My summer love

There is no shortage of examples of top performing businesses that have amazing social platforms. Once we’re in love with a brand, we become their customers (as long as direct interaction with them follows through on the social media experience), which in turn leads to a lifetime of loyal purchasing. That is the dream we are all chasing, after all – the loyal customer that found you, loves you and keeps on running back.

When I think of a brand that I fell in love with through social media and subsequently become a frequent customer of, I think of Frank Body. Their socials won me over, not only due to their pink theme (guilty pink lover), but also due to their voice and values. The personification of their brand as ‘Frank’ a man who appreciates and loves all women, and wants their skin to be glowing and healthy is wrapped up oh-so wonderfully in a classy and sexy voice.

Frank Body knew what their customer wanted, and that was healthy, glowing skin. So, what do they give us? Images, videos and other content that is associated with beauty, expertly entwined with posts showcasing their product. The audience is inspired to fall in love with the feed, and associate the beauty of the feed with the Frank Body product itself.

Tips for creating loveable content

Cute cat videos are great, and there is no denying they achieve phenomenal engagement, but the harsh reality is that they probably aren’t relevant to your business and objectives.

When creating content for your audience, you need to think outside the box. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Channel your inner creative

Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting that will make your content pop!

Follow the 80/20 rule

A horrifying 25% of people think business use of social media is too sales-y. Start by following the 80% social and 20% promotional rule, then fine-tune to your business and audience needs

Create original content

If you have the resources to create your own content, right down to images and video, do so! Our audience will reward you for it. It doesn’t have to cost the world, either. We can teach you some tricks.

Befriend stock images

Wherever you can’t create your own content, use stock images. Resources like Shutterstock and iStock will be your best friend

Teach readers and answer their questions

Share what you know, what you do and what you’re learning. Sharing is caring, after all. Your audience will respond to you caring about them


It’s easy to stick to the same old content. Easy is boring. Think outside the norm with:

  • Listacles
  • Memes
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Worksheets
  • Newsletters
  • eMagazines
  • Interviews

Creating the perfect balance of attraction in social media really is an art. It isn’t easy to speak someone else’s language and seduce them with your actions and words, but when you find the sweet spot, your clients will reward you for it.

The next step? Getting your audience to read your content with expert Content Planning and Scheduling!

Content marketing essentials: The series

Getting grips with the essentials of content marketing will change the way your business creates and distributes content. It will also shift the way your clients, and potential clients, view your business.

Stay tuned, over our Content Marketing Essentials blog series, we will explore the basics of content marketing and content execution. What can you expect?

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The power four

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Persona mapping

Audience demographics are so last century and no longer effective. Personas are essential in content marketing.

Giving it to your audience

Using social media as the love language to woo your clients is a powerful tool of seduction and enticement.

Content planning

Becoming a master in executing content with this practical guide to scheduling social media posts, distribute EDMs or post blogs

Social media ROI

Measure the return on investment from social media and understand how to know if you’re getting bang for your buck.

If you’re ready to talk content marketing, let’s chat. We can’t wait to meet you and help your business.

Becca Humphrey

Paid Media Specialist

Bianca Lourens

Senior Marketing Account Manager