Meet Steph Boito: Bridging analytical skill with empathy

Let’s introduce you to Steph Boito, one of our PPC specialists with over a decade of experience. She has a unique talent for blending her analytical skills with a deep sense of empathy to enhance her work.

“Many think this job is all about data, but it’s not. It’s about forming a connection with each client, comprehending their unique characteristics. That’s what truly unlocks the potential of data for a business.” Steph explains.

From London to Perth: A global perspective

Originally from London with Italian roots, Steph has a passion for languages and diverse cultures. She pursued a degree in Marketing and Communications, along with Spanish, in the UK, launching her career at a renowned global digital marketing agency.

“I thrive on engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and embracing new experiences, whether in my personal life or my professional journey.” Steph shares.

Navigating the rapid digital landscape

Steph has been an integral part of the Distl family for five years now.

“What I love about working here is the unpredictability. You never know who will walk through Distl’s doors next, and that keeps things exciting. Helping our clients thrive in a rapidly changing digital world is what drives me,” she emphasises.

Steph’s versatility shines as she has contributed to the success of clients across diverse industries, ranging from construction and engineering to healthcare, through her impactful PPC campaigns.

The positive energy of Distl

Known for her British humour and a vibrant, positive attitude, Steph thrives in the welcoming culture at Distl.

“I resonate with Distl’s values and collaborative approach. Building strong relationships and fostering open communication within the team is pivotal to enhancing my role.” she says.

Steph Boito is the embodiment of a digital marketing expert who not only deciphers data but also connects with people on a profound level, all while bringing a touch of enthusiasm and charm to her interactions. We are privileged to have her as a part of our team.


Emily Smail

Senior Marketing Account Manager