Climb Early Learning Centre

Climb is a quality day care centre for children under the age of 5. Under the guidance of qualified educators, it’s a place where curious minds can learn and grow through hands-on experience.

Pre-kindy with purpose

Climb came to Distl when they realised there was a gap between who they are and how they’re portrayed. On one hand, they’re a prestigious education centre with an industry-leading reputation. On the other, they’re a playful group of fingerpainters and sandcastle builders with a passion for moulding little minds. We had to find a way to balance out this see-saw and express both sides of Climb.


The first step was getting the branding just right. Our brand team explored how to communicate the ideal mix of formality and friendly fun. Their journey led to the creation of the ‘elephant stamp’ logo and the blue and purple colour palette.

Taking inspiration from the logo, we created sketched icons to use as design elements across their new site. Teddy bears, bicycles and shining suns give the design a touch of whimsy without being too child-like. We applied this delicate balance to every part of the site. You can even see it in the copy, with words like ‘philosophy’ and ‘curriculum’ sitting alongside ‘creepy crawlies’ and ‘fairy tales’.


Once we’d established the look and feel of the brand, it was up to us to get the Climb website to match. We determined that the best way to get across the Climb experience would be to show it. That’s why every page of the website is driven by visuals of the kids exploring, playing and learning at Climb.


Climb’s new website has proven to be a great marketing tool and a useful information source for parents looking to enrol. But above all, it tells the real story of Climb and who they are.

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