Google Shopping

More eyeballs, sales and brand equity. More than just product shopping ads.

Think of your eCommerce store as a bricks-and-mortar shop.

Google Shopping product ads give you a bigger shopfront, which is good. But even better, our Google Ads specialists ensure more shoppers walk through the doors. And we can measure and prove it.

Maximise the return on your eCommerce investment.

You’ve made a big investment in your eCommerce website. Our Google Ads experts will help you maximise the ROI-elevating potential of Google Shopping product listing ads.

Combining in-depth research into the competitive landscape and user behaviour with an intimate understanding of your business goals, we’ll create a custom Google Shopping strategy for you.

Moreover, we’ll implement, monitor and continually optimise your strategy with equal rigour, so your product listing ads get measurably, quantifiably better and better at driving traffic and sales.

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Live stock levels and Google Shopping ROI metrics.

When we hook up your Google Shopping product listing ads to your store, you don’t have to manage anything. Your product ads will include all the information shoppers need and will only ever display products you have in stock.

The performance of your Google Shopping campaigns is just as direct and transparent. With revenue directly attributable to specific ads, we can manage and improve your Google Shopping ROI at product and category levels.

We’ll even seamlessly integrate your Google Shopping product ads with a custom Google Ads strategy, giving you even more real estate in Google Search results. Find out how.


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