There’s a difference between chasing growth and building equity.

As business owners, we’re programmed to pursue growth at all costs.

Crafting solid foundations for sustainable, purposeful growth is part of how we build Australia’s most resilient brands. But too often, this is forgone in favour of chasing arbitrary growth metrics. The truth is that more leads, customers, employees and revenue can sometimes mean more headaches. Growth for growth’s sake often leads to more revenue but smaller profits and personal rewards. A bigger business isn’t always a resilient, thriving one.

Distl Equity First eBook Cover

The key to a healthy business lies in equity growth.

Growth with a healthier bottom line, happier employees, and a more balanced life – today and into the future – comes from building value and equity into your business. In practice, that looks like:

  • taking ego out of the equation
  • creating a purposeful brand that you can grow into
  • marketing selectively – and therefore more effectively
  • targeting only high-quality website traffic and leads
  • building and nurturing a loyal customer base.

At Distl, we do this through branding, websites and digital. And it works. 

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