What is Angular? Put simply, it’s a mature and comprehensive open-source app development framework created by Google. A client-side technology that utilises and extends HTML, JavaScript & CSS, it provides the full functionality required to build a dynamic application.

As an opinionated framework, Angular guides the way in which you build apps, allowing for the creation of expressive and reusable UIs. Designers and developers have the ability to work simultaneously. Developers can bind different UI components using data models and designers still create UIs the conventional way.

This web application space is very much Google (Angular) vs Facebook (React). Angular is more mature, but has been losing ground to the leaner more nimble JavaScript library alternative. React Native released in 2015 provides the React architecture for Android and native iOS applications.  Angular is fighting back with a Angular 2.0 release which will be able to leverage NativeScript, Ionic or React Native to build native mobile apps.

Angular 2.0 update features:

  • Mobile development has been tackled head on, addressing load-time and performance issues
  • There is a lean and modular codebase, allowing you to pick and choose components
  • Improved routing to support query strings, push state, location service, various route patterns, 404 handling and history manipulation
  • ES6 JavaScript implementation is supported for more readable, succinct and efficient coding

what is angular

You should use Angular JS when:

  • Starting small to medium projects with a predefined timespan
  • Wanting to build features quickly with simple, declarative templates
  • Emulating app-like experiences is imperative
  • Looking to handle asynchronous data flow, combine with AngularFire and Firebase
  • Transferring web applications into desktop installed apps as part of the scope
  • Requiring solid documentation (supported by the Google App team)
  • Maintainable, testable and re-usable JavaScript code base
  • The team need to work on separate web components without disrupting unified development goals

Angular JS is a pre-kitted solution of modern technologies that speed up the application development process. Apps that are built with this framework include – iStock, Gmail, Virgin America and Paypal.

Angular is a smart choice when wanting to get a quick start on your application development project, but not restrict the scalability of its growth.  Get an app idea off the ground with Angular today. Contact us for a free scope out of your app project.


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