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WordPress is the worlds most used CMS (Content Management System), powering around 35% of all websites. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are all good. If you want to get the most from your site, you need a partner with the technical and design chops to extract maximum value from you’re the platform.

Custom design

Conversion focussed, fit for purpose user experience isn’t a flash in the pan. It requires a mix of experience, user empathy, best practice and some nouse. Fortunately, we’re big on nouse.

Purchased WordPress templates are cheap and generally nasty. The problem is, they’re made to be used across a massive range of applications.  If quality, conversion rate and your brand don’t matter, they may be a good option.

Custom development

Code might seem like just a means to an end. One of the most common enquiries we receive is from business owners with a poorly coded site that’s unreliable and slow. Unfortunately, quality code cannot be shoehorned into an existing site, it needs to be built from the ground up.

Which is why one of our strongest commitments is to always start from the leanest, fastest code base that provides the platform for the best possible SEO and user experience.

We’d love to show you how lean code teamed with a blazing fast React.js front end can differentiate your site’s performance, keep your audience engaged and drive ongoing conversion rate improvements.

Game changing interface

As good as the WordPress CMS is, it can be slow. It’s actually no different from competing CMS’s competitor, that’s not our thing.

To take our sites to the next level, we’ve teamed the trusted WordPress CMS with game changing React technology to create a one-two combo that hard to match.

Used by sites like AirbnB, Netflix, Tesla, Facebook, Dropbox and Atlassian, React provides a pure JavaScript front end layer designed to deliver business focussed benefits.

Using efficient, lightweight code that enables reusability, the ability to function where there is poor / no internet connectivity, hyperspeed performance and user experience improvements that benefit SEO. We’ve invested heavily in developing a robust solution that brings significant advantage to our clients.

Progressive Web App (PWA) technology

Google provides an open-source tool called Lighthouse to measure a PWA sites performance and assist in optimising the quality of a web app is an indicator of the direction they see for web development.

In addition to forming 1 of 5 key indicators in the Lighthouse tool, Google have themselves introduced PWA technology for Google search. A strong sign of its benefits.

Performing like a combination between a mobile app and a traditional website, PWA’s allow for installation on a mobile of desktop similar to an app, offline mode which doesn’t require internet and a usability that better resembles an app than a traditional website.

By future proofing your website build, you’ll not only improve conversations but build your brand and your business reputation.

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Why dis//tl

dis//tl fills the gap between web publisher, systems integrator and digital marketer. Nothing we do is guesswork. Whether it be design, development or digital marketing - we gather, analyse, collaborate and output hard hitting work.

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