Native Mobile Apps.

Going native allows you to tap into the devices in-built functionality. You can leverage preexisting gestures and notifications as well as hardware features such as camera, video, address book and GPS.  We offer intuitive and robust native mobile app development. We undertake a deep dive to really understand your iOS or Android application project.

A full spectrum approach: initial strategy session, UX lead design phase and a proven agile development processes. This is backed by rigorous testing and improvements followed by digital marketing support to give your app project the greatest chance of success.

Some reasons why native mobile apps are a smart choice:

  • Native UI – your customers already know how to interact with your app
  • They already know where to discover your app in Google Play and the Apple App stores
  • Native mobile apps are fast and reliable – instant loading with content, visuals and framework downloaded to the customers phone
  • Both Android & Apple provide detailed documentation, strict guidelines and security models to support their platforms
  • Software integration is easy with Native Apps leveraging existing software i.e location, calendar, GPS, shake-movement etc
  • Grow your app idea in exploding iOS & Android markets
  • Device based caching provides faster access to data and reduces data usage
  • Better app analytics allows you to monitor conversions in the marketplace, in-app purchases, user engagement and acquisition channels
  • Easy performance optimisation and QA testing
  • Social app integration support for Facebook, Twitter etc


native mobile apps

Our specialist team of  experienced mobile app developers will guide you through the process of app development from the early stages through too product launch. We will also be on hand post-launch monitoring for bugs as well as mining analytics for conversion opportunities.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your options around mobile and tablet app design and development.

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