Abandoned Cart Recovery.

If you want to grow your business grow your email subscription list and recover your abandoned carts. Considering 95% of online consumers use email, connecting with your customers via this direct channel gives you unparalleled exposure. Timely and tailored emails allow you to build engagement and trust In the midst of a saturated communications market.

An email strategy that respects the different phases of the customer lifecycle will guide the customer from product discovery through to conversion. If the customer goes missing a life-cycle marketing campaign with both an Abandoned Cart series and Latent Customer email will bring customers back into the fold.

Gone are the days of the batch and blast email campaigns. Depending on customers current and potential value they should be treated differently. Nurture customers that offer a high potential and high current value by treating them extra special. Drive repeat purchases by leveraging data and logic automation.

Start talking with your clients and not at them. Use real-time data to drive insights and targeted strategies. Retain your best customers and grow the ones with the most potential. Join other retailers leveraging customer event data to drive higher converting lifecycle campaigns.

Are you leveraging your customers purchase and user-activity data? Have you set up your event- driven automations and cart recovery emais? Start a conversation with us today on the best way to reach, engage and retain your customers via the most powerful eCommerce channel of them all, Email.

What are you waiting for? Ask us for a free appraisal of your current email program.

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