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Your Guide to the New Frontier.

If building an IKEA bookcase without instructions has landed you in the foetal position, you might relate to the despair of digital marketing without a strategy.

Sound dramatic? Try telling that to the business owner who spend $20,000 on Facebook ad’s only to find his customers don’t even use social media. Or a year on SEO to discover that position one ranking he dreamed of has no business impact.

Unfortunately, we can’t eradicate IKEA anxiety, but we do have a strategy team with the smarts to navigate even the most challenging digital marketing problems.

Strategy might seem like navel gazing. An excuse for avoiding real work.

At Distl, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re all about gritty, practical plans of action grounded in factual research.

Put simply, a digital strategy is about defining who your audience is, where they are and what they are looking for. And then doing something about it. An implementable solution.

Options, options, options

Each new year seems to produce enough digital choices to intimidate Imelda Marcos. New tools, new platforms – new ways to spend your marketing budget. Cha-ching!

It may seem overwhelming, but all these options are nirvana to us. We’ve learnt that no matter how bulky our tool belt, if we’re armed with the right strategy and the mastery to implement, we’re in the driver’s seat for some serious online traction.

Which is why we handle all our online services in house.

What does a digital strategy look like?

The exact nature of a digital strategy will depend on budget and the project requirements, but in the end, we’ll always deliver a practical and actionable blueprint that will support your business goals.

Starting with audience and situational research, we’ll identify some key customer personas. We’ll then look at how to reach and engage them through appropriate channel selection and tactical approaches.

Some key insights:

  • Strategy is as much about what not to do as what to do. To achieve an outcome requires the skills to synthesise complex information into simple and meaningful trends.
  • Results rely on us deep diving into your challenges and requirements for success. We will blend our 25+ years of digital expertise with your business intelligence.
  • Strategy is a pattern of choices in a stream of decisions. We select and prioritise what will be valuable and relevant, not just what exists.
  • Design thinking is a human centred approach that integrates the needs of the audience, possibilities of technology as well as requirements for business success.
  • Using analytical thinking, we provoke deeper insight and creativity to lead us to ideas and theories that are unique and meaningful.

Do I need a digital strategy?

Well, that depends. We recognise the uniqueness of every client. And naturally, that means a fresh approach for each.

Of course, some businesses simply need SEO, or AdWords – there’s no need to overthink things.

But if you have several client types, different markets, different needs and habits – perhaps strategy is for you. A small investment up front can save time, money and anguish in the long term.

If you’d like to talk strategy, get in touch.

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dis//tl fills the gap between web publisher, systems integrator and digital marketer. Nothing we do is guesswork. Whether it be design, development or digital marketing - we gather, analyse, collaborate and output hard hitting work.

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