SEO Strategy

Purpose Driven SEO.

In the past, SEO was like a phone plan. Choose your package and make your business fit.

Modern SEO is a brand-new game. It comes with an array of playing fields each with different goal posts. Oh, and you don’t know who the umpires are and even if you did, they are invisible.

As you’d imagine this antiquated method doesn’t cut it anymore. Great SEO demand a custom approach, driven by precise requirements, tailored to your unique objectives.

And all of this, requires an SEO strategy.

What is an SEO strategy?

Just like every business is unique, so too is every SEO situation. The work required to achieve SEO goals is influenced by such factors as:

Objectives. SEO shouldn’t only be about ranking for x number of keywords. Often this approach has little connection to business outcomes. A more effective is to set business goals that connect to your SEO and measure progress of a range of metrics that drive their outcome.

Competition. Are your competitors working from a strong SEO baseline and are they conducting ongoing SEO?

SEO history. If you’ve previously engaged in dubious SEO practices in the past, there may be the need for corrective work.

Geography. Targeting national or international audiences will require a different approach than local targeting.

Range of products and services. The broader the focus, the broader the SEO work required.

Website. A poor-quality site built on a restrictive platform needs more work and a different tactic to deliver on it’s goals.

Content. A site with thin content and little substance, will need a different approach than one with deep, authoritative content

Links. Your backlink profile says a lot about your current ability to rank. A poor, low quality profile in comparison to competing sites will increase the time required to be competitive.

Brand reputation. If your brand is new or generally lacks awareness, you may require a more concerted approach

Domain authority. Your URL’s authority compared to competitors may be aligned with it’s ability to rank quickly.

These considerations mean that your site has a unique ability to deliver on its goals. Trying to shoehorn it into a packaged SEO approach will lead to disappointment

How to know if you’re strategy is working

Important indicators of progress include growth in traffic per page and per keyword, growth in organic traffic as well as growth in assisted conversion and actual conversions. By considering insightful metrics you’ll avoid focussing on the wrong metrics that can be misleading.

A considered SEO strategy gives alignment to work completed and helps plot a pathway to objectives.

By researching your competitive landscape we can not only give realistic expectations, but provide a meaningful roadmap to realisation of your goals.

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