Local SEO

Get more local customers, with a local first SEO strategy.

If you’re a tradie, have a bricks and mortar store or are targeting local visitors, you’ll need local SEO.

While good local SEO is part of a broader SEO strategy and many of the approaches overlap, there are some specific techniques that our SEO process provides.

What is Local SEO?

A significant volume of search queries are made to answer questions like “how to remove stains from my carpet”, however there are many that clearly seek a local provider to help them. For example “carpet cleaner near me”, or a “carpet cleaner suburb“.

If you’re a business offering the related product or service, these queries are highly valuable as they are a clear sign that a user is looking for you.

For these searches, Google identifies the user’s intent and matches them with the businesses offering the best solution.

Of course, this process is influenced by SEO and having an effective local strategy in place plays a key part in results.

Google My Business

One of your strongest tools as a local business is the free Google My Business profile. Entirely yours to claim and optimise, the profile helps with visibility in the Google Local 3 pack – the map listing appearing near the top of most search listings.

Perhaps more important is the “Knowledge Panel” shown to the right of the search results. Effective optimisation will display your key business details (business name, address, opening hours, reviews etc) when your business name is searched but also for some service or product search terms.

Our approach to local SEO

Of course, the prime requirement for local ranking is to provide a relevant service in close proximity to the search’s location.

Like all our SEO work, we are trying to present you as the most trustworthy and relevant option for the most effective keywords for your goals.

By communicating your location via a broad range of signals (citations, location references throughout your site etc) we can communicate your location to the search engines.

On top of this work like optimisation of your Google My Business profile, assisting with promoting your clients to leave reviews and effective site structure will assist getting a result.

Benefits of local SEO

Local SEO can yield some of the best return of all digital marketing

  • Local SEO tends to have a higher conversion rate due to its high relevance
  • Often local SEO is driven by immediate requirements meaning the buying cycle is often higher
  • Local search visibility has a strong influence of brand recall, developing future awareness
  • Many local searches are conducted on mobile devices. Local SEO provides for effective local targeting across all devices

The Distl Difference

As with all our digital services – they are part of the bigger picture of building your business equity.

The wrong leads, the wrong traffic can bog your business down with admin. Let us show you how a considered approach to SEO that yields short and long term results can put you the path to genuine business success.

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